The Quest Cup was a RuneScape 3 event, hosted by Jagex, that took place between September 8th and September 14th, 2014. The Quest Cup was a new addition to the then-annual "Clan Cup", in which Jagex sponsored several different events that pit different Clans against each other. The Quest Cup, specifically, had two challenges: The "Iron Choobs", and the "Quest Run". The "Iron Choobs" challenge required five members of a Clan to create brand new game accounts, and then race with other Clans to complete every "free-to-play" Quest first. The "Quest Run" challenge, on the other hand, saw five representatives from each Clan compete to achieve the most Quest Points within one week.


Cireon was the first person to bring the "Quest Cup" to the Guild's attention, when he made a post about it on August 22nd, 2014. The Guild was quick to take interesting in the event, with members such as Miss Alaska quickly taking over leadership and organizational roles. Over the course of the next week, several members of the Guild planned and prepared. Lists of necessary gear were prepared, quest "order" guides were linked, and everyone scrambled to put together two separate teams of five so that the Guild could compete in both challenges.

While training an account before the event began was forbidden, participants were allowed to create their accounts beforehand, and so Clan Quest began creating, and inviting, even noobier versions of themselves into the Guild. Pressure started to raise around September 1st, as the Guild still hadn't managed to lock down all ten of its participants. A number of people had previously committed and then dropped out due to real world obligations, meaning there was a small scramble to find competitors. Finally, on September 5th, the competitors for both the "Iron Choobs" and the "Quest Run" were locked down, their accounts invited to the Guild, and everything was ready to go for the event.

The Event

After weeks of preparation, the Quest Cup officially began on September 8th, 2014, and the Guild went to work.

Iron Choobs

The Iron Choobs challenge was, theoretically, the simpler of the two. Each Clan's team consisted of five players, and the first team to have all their members complete every "free-to-play" quest was the winner. Members of the Iron Choob team were forbidden from trading with other players in any capacity, so they were completely on their own when it came to grinding skills and acquiring necessary tools. This teams membership consisted of ILikeSlayer, Derparnieux, HolySanctum, DrakanHpS, and Addicted Des. There competition accounts were, respectively, Slay Quester, Derpanub, SanctumNub, DovakiinHpS, and nooby des. Originally, Whig was intended to participate in the challenge, but was forced to back out due to real world commitments. Addicted Des, who had been on reserve as an assistant for the "Shield of Arrav" quest, one of the few legal player interactions, was forced to step in as one of the major competitors.

Unfortunately, due to the limited number of "free-to-play" quests, this challenge practically ended as soon as it began. At least, it was over before the end of the first day, September 8th. Before Clan Quest's challengers even realized what had happened, two other Clan's posted on the "Finish line" thread that they had completed the challenge, effectively meaning that Clan Quest had already lost. Still, most of the Iron Choobs chugged along in order to complete the challenge. In addition, multiple members found that they were not properly prepared for the final boss fight, "Elvarg", and so they lost a lot of time at the end of their challenge.

Quest Run

The Quest Run challenge was a lot more complicated than the Iron Choobs challenge, because no matter what it was set to take place over the course of the entire week. All five of a Clan's competitors raced to get as many quest points as they possibly could, and at the end of the week all five of their totals would be tallied up, and that was the Clan's score. Unlike the Iron Choobs, the Quest Runners were allowed to trade with other players for whatever they wanted, and were even allowed to use the games "Grand Exchange". They were not, however, allowed to purchase a game membership through any means other than ingame Bonds. With all of these rules in mind, the Guild set aside a large portion of its ingame bank, and Sirapyro volunteered to be the dedicated "Quest Runner" banker. At the start of their mission each member of the Quest Runners team met with him and received a starter pack, including training supplies, money, and a bond to access paid content.

After a lot of debate and roster changes, the Quest Run team finally settled on a roster consisting of Draziw, Sinistral, Rerecros, Miss Alaska, and Stick Man H. The accounts they used in the competition were, respectively, Nub Draziw, Lartsinis, Nub Rerecros, Alaska Nub, and GrymmStick.

Once the competition began on September 8th, so too did Clan Quest. Most of the details of their day to day progress was restricted to a competitor's Skype channel, and so most of that specific information was lost. All five challengers met with Sirapyro to receive their gear within a few hours of the competitions start, and everything went fairly smoothly. A few sporadic updates were posted on the main organizational thread, primarily from Sinistral and Miss Alaska, but all five members actively participated.


Results took some time to process on Jagex's end, and were not available to the public until a full month later, on October 21st, 2014. In the end, as mentioned, Clan Quest failed to win the "Iron Choobs" challenge. Due to a combination of failing at the final boss and discouragement brought on by multiple other Clans finishing so fast, the Iron Choobs did not successfully complete the challenge. Nevertheless, their dedication, enthusiasm, and passion were later honored during the Guild's next official meeting, and they are still recognized for their contribution to this day.

The Quest Runners, on the other hand, fared a lot better in the competition than the Iron Choobs. Unfortunately, though, the Clan failed to win the competition overall, coming in third place behind "The Scrying Pool" and "The Gladiatorz". but when Jagex released the final breakdown of each participants score, it was learned that Sinistral and Draziw had managed to place within the top ten. While Clan Quest did not win the competition, the fact that two of its members placed so high in the rankings was still an achievement worth celebrating by the Clan as a whole.

Strangely enough, though, Clan Quest soon discovered that the quest point counts that the Jagex scorekeepers posted were innacurate, and many of the competitor's score, from all teams, were incorrect. The reason for this was never addressed, and so it was never resolved. To this day no one knows the true breakdown, but based on the scores alone it is evident that "The Scrying Pool" still would have taken the victory.