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Hosted by Darkestnight

The RS Food Cook Off was a 2021 event organized by Darkestnight. It was announced on August 17, 2021[1] and ran from August 18th[2] until September 25th when all participants revealed their dishes[3].


The event was inspired by a similar event held by the Rogue Ninja Civilization clan earlier in 2021[1]. Clanmates were invited to register and optionally express an interest in different categories of cooking, including fish-based dishes, spicy food, and vegetarian dishes, as well as a desire for either simple or more difficult dishes[2]. Participants were then assigned a Runescape food dish by Darkestnight, and tasked with re-creating it with real-life ingredients.

Submitted Dishes

Baked Potato - Aeadith

Pirate Pete's Fishcakes - Miss Alaska

Cooked Oomlie Wrap - Choto 3000

Cheesecake - Cireon

Ugthanki Kebab - Darkestnight

Brûlée Supreme - Diana

Spicy Crunchies - Questcaping

Evil Dave's Spicy Stew of DOOM - Spy Whoman

Sailfish Soup - Tyco Elf

Great Maki - Uptheirons05

Arc Gumbo - Xurdones


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