Spot the Noob

Spot the Noob is an in-game RS3 event that is always happening so long as there's at least two members of the clan online. The concept of Spot the Noob is very simple; If you see a fellow clannie out in the wild, you message the clan chat to say that you've seen them. An example would be if someone spotted Cow1337killer in Seer's village, you would then message the clan chat with "Cowl337killer spotted". Simple enough right? Well, that's where the "rules" of noob spotting comes in.

The Rules

There are no official rules for Spot the Noob as such, but there are some rules that are generally accepted as a guideline by most. Some operate by stricter guidelines, while others may operate by the bare minimum. That being said, there are no points and there are no prizes for Spot the Noob so it doesn't really matter so long as you have fun.

The most accepted rules of Spot the Noob are as follows;

  • No spotting clannies at bank areas.
  • No spotting clannies at hub locations such as the Grand Exchange, Prifddinas, Player Owned Farm, or the Archaeology Guild.
  • No spotting clannies at areas where there's been a recent update or an event is taking place (for example, Senntisten during major updates).
  • Tagging Choto on Discord is mandatory after every spot. (Do this at your own risk)

The question you could ask yourself to help remember when you can spot a clannie would be;
"Would I expect to see someone besides myself out here?"

Bumped into someone at an invention workbench? Spot.
Found someone at the Empyrean Citadel staring at the Statue of Death? Spot.
Saw someone hanging out at Fairy Ring AJS? Spot.

Happy Noob Spotting folks!