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Cabbage Bombing

What is it?

Do you really need to ask? It mostly happens in both Grand Exchanges and seems to be random at times.

How did it Start (you might ask)

Cabbage worshipping was started in August 2010 by Rerecros, who founded The Church of Brassica Prime. The bombing started the following month where an impromptu Birthday event is held for Rerecros, where a massive bombing took place. It progressed into becoming part of the C.O.R.E events

Cabbage Bombing was part of the Completely Organized Random Episode (C.O.R.E.) Events. This was a set of recurring events hosted by various members of the Event Thugs United. While the events are typically scheduled on Saturdays during the afternoons of Runescape Game Time (typically 2pm GMT), the format is usable at other times, and is available for anyone who is willing to host an event.

In July 2013 many clan events were held, including a Cabbage Bombing Parade through the towns of Gielinor. This was held together with a QPC Emote Parade.

Cabbage Bombing was been one of most fun and enjoyment both by Clan Members and others.