Completely Organized Random Episode Events

CORE Logo.png

Abbreviation C.O.R.E.
Formation September 24, 2017
Guild Questing Clan of RuneScape

Cyan Ryder
Tyco Elf
i Herblaw

Completely Organized Random Episode (C.O.R.E.) Events, were a set of recurring events hosted by various members of the Event Thugs United. While the events are typically scheduled on Saturdays during the afternoons of Runescape Game Time (typically 2pm GMT), the format is usable at other times, and is available for anyone who is willing to host an event.

The idea behind the event, is that all of the event details are already drafted and the host need simply choose a number via a random number generator. Attendees show up, the event is decided, and the event happens, without any significant planning or drafting of event details by the host. Event hosts are asked to record the event in some context for historical reference.



Sir Ragnhild organized and hosted a series of events known as the Random Acts of Wicked Randomness. The original forum thread dedicated to that format can be found [here]. While Cyan Rider, Draziw, Cireon, and Proto were travelling between locations during RuneFest 2017, they discussed the possibility of organizing an event system with a similar format. Because the Acronym RAWR was being user for the Random Acts of Win Reward, they opted to create a new acronym, and settled on C.O.R.E.

Past Events

Date Organizers Number generated Event played Number of attendees
14 October, 2017 Cyan R
7 October, 2017 Cireon, Cyan R 73 Castle Wars 9
2 December, 2017 Tyco elf 76 (after rerolling 65) Underground Pass race 10

Event List

1. Cabbage Bombing

Is explanation needed? Main locations are the Varrock Grand Exchange and Prifddinas Grand Exchange.

2. QPC Emote Spam

All people with Quest Capes spam their emote in well-visited locations around the world. Wear white armour! People without the Quest Cape can use the Clan Cape and use the Melt emote instead.

3. Recruiting New members for the Clan

Dress up in your finest garb with either a clan cape or a QPC. Grab a vex and head to a busy area/world. Make as much noise as you can and target those that act mature and have an interest in questing. Results are based on people who can get a recruited player to join Clan Chat.

4. Skull ball

Werewolf Skullball is an activity that trains Agility. To gain entrance, you must have completed the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest and be wearing a Ring of Charos. You also need an Agility level of at least 25. The course is near Canifis in Morytania. Although it is due east of the city, swamps block the direct route. Instead, it can be reached by going south-east of Mazchna the Slayer Master, who can be found northeast of Canifis. Leeches are in this area and are aggressive to players under level 105. The entrance to the werewolf courses is a small, ruined hut in the swamp. (The Werewolf Agility Course is also located here.) A Werewolf guards the hut; just open the trapdoor and he will speak to you. If you are wearing the ring, it deceives him into thinking you are a werewolf and he lets you in.

5. Hide the Noob

Using Faruq's tools, we put a hider ring on the organizer (the Noob) and send them out into Gielinor. The first person to find them with a seeker ring is then the Noob. The Noob/hider is not allowed to move from their area, but they are allowed to do things in the spot. The hider is not allowed in an instanced area. The ticker will be used to record hiding time and hidden time. Hiding time will be 10 mins. Hidden time starts after the Noob's hiding time is up. Records are kept for the longest hidden time.

6. Barbarian Assault (BA)

A team of five players must work together in order to defeat 10 waves of Penance monsters and, finally, their leader, the Penance Queen. Teamwork and coordination are vital in order to achieve success at this activity. As combat is the activity's main component, high Defence and Constitution levels provide an advantage. Additionally, a high Agility level is beneficial as it allows players to run for longer periods of time, providing the opportunity to evade threats. Barbarian Assault is at the Barbarian Outpost north-east of the Gnome Tree Stronghold (easily reached by Games Necklace teleport).

7. Barrows

Dangerous activity, but with multiple people we can bless graves if necessary. Good rewards. The objective of the Barrows mini-game is to defeat the Barrows brothers: Ahrim the Blighted, Dharok the Wretched, Guthan the Infested, Karil the Tainted, Torag the Corrupted, and Verac the Defiled. Additionally, Akrisae and Linza can be defeated too.

8. Pest Control

A team combat activity which involves protecting a vulnerable Void Knight, while fending off against waves of incoming monsters and taking down four portals.

9. Fishing Trawler

Players work together to keep a boat afloat while keeping nets fixed in order to catch as many fish as possible. Fish shared between players once disembarked. The only way to get manta rays and sea turtles.

10. Great Orb Project

Two teams compete to collect orbs while preventing the other team from collecting theirs. Winners of each round gain Runecrafting rewards. One of the five free play activities. Can play 50/50 games where both teams get equal points/rewards.

11. Trouble Brewing

Two teams compete as each try to brew the most bottles of 'rum'. Experience in a variety of skills can be earned for performing the many tasks needed in the process of 'rum' production.

12. Shades of Mort'on

Dangerous activity. Build up a temple and defend it from attacking shades, and venture into the shady catacombs beneath Mort'ton, reaping the monetary gains.

13. Unlock Music Tracks

Attempt to unlock music tracks, this may mean doing a quest, trying out a new activity or getting in to an area that you have not ventured in to before.

14. Cabbage Facepunch Bananza

Let's settle who is better once and for all: Brassica Prime vs Marimbo in a game of Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza! The minigame can be found just north of Lumbridge Crater.

15. Heist

How good are you at hiding among the masses? In a team game, the thieves disguise as a local to try and gather loot without the detectives noticing which of the characters on the screen are not quite the NPCs they appear to be. To get here, climb the rope just northwest of the Falador lodestone.

16. Conquest

Work out the best strategy to beat your opponent in a game similar to chess. Build your army of void knights and set out to defeat your fellow clan mates, earning Commendations and Conquest rating.

17. Duel Arena

Settle that grudge! Players duel each other, with the ability to set special rules. We will play without staking.

18. Fist Of Guthix

Tactical one-on-one game with two rounds, in which one player collects charges with a magical stone while the other is trying to hunt them down. In the second round, the players switch sides.

19. Mage Arena

Battle Kolodion for the right to learn God spells. Complete a 100 casts to unlock the spell outside of the event. People that have completed this can act as escorts to get mages to the arena safely.

20. Clan Play

Gather in the Clan Citadel Theatre to write the new Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, Iliad, or Cats. Play will be recorded and posted to the clan YouTube channel.

21. Soul Wars

PvP team-based Slayer activity where teams compete to kill the opponents avatar, with self-chosen rewards gained upon victory.

22. Deathmatch

Let's get together for a spectacular free-for-all deathmatch in the arena next to the Edgeville bridge. Last person standing is the deathmatch champion of Clan Quest!

23. TzHaar Fight Pit

Players fight in a safe pit of combat in a free-for-all environment, last man standing gains a tokkul reward.

24. Wisps of the Grove

Head to the Grove to collect wisps in the same colour as the mushrooms being shown. Use the potion created for you on the altar in the center of the grove for a healthy chunk of farming and hunter experience.

25. Blast Furnace

Use your Smithing, Strength, Agility, and Crafting skill to keep the furnace running together with other players. The furnace halves the amount of coal needed to produce a bar when smelting.

26. Brimhaven Agility Arena

A Medium level Agility course for players. Pillars dispense tickets which can be traded in for rewards. Results based on most tickets and most xp acquired in time period.

27. Gnome Ball

An activity where players try to pass and charge with a small ball towards a hoop to score a goal, while the defending gnomes attempt to tackle them.

28. ZMI Altar

Remember the good old days when the ZMI altar was the best way to train Runecrafting. Let's head back and create some soul runes the old-fashioned way!

29. Impetuous Impulses

Poyo poyo. A activity where implings are hunted and trapped in magical jars. Rewards vary from a chisel to pieces of dragon arrows to Royal clothing.

30. Mage Training Arena

An activity composed of four separate "sub-activities". The rewards are pizazz points, exchangeable for abilities such as the Bones to Peaches spell, or items such as runes or infinity robes.

31. Pyramid Plunder

Advance through 8 rooms, avoiding traps, and defending yourself from the pyramid's inhabitants in an attempt to loot treasure. 21 Thieving required.

32. Ranging Guild

A way to train Ranged which can be profitable. Players may exchange tickets earned as rewards for items, such as rune arrows. 40 Ranged required.

33. Flash Powder Factory

Make as much flash powder as you can, evading greedy players who can't wait to pickpocket your apparatuses for more points. See who can score the most points in 1 round!

34. Sorceress's Garden

Players attempt to sneak around watchful elementals guarding their gardens to pick Sq'irk fruits or herbs.

35. Vinesweeper

A minesweeper-like game where players are rewarded with farming experience or seeds.

36. Herblore Habitat

Farm and make potions to enable you to hunt Jadinkos.

37. Lava Flow Mine

Fast mining experience and the possibility to obtain the Golden Mining Suit. A Mining level of 68, a Smithing level of 70, and a Strength level of 77 are required.

38. Livid Farm

Help Pauline out on her farm and unlock extra Lunar spells. Check RuneScape Wikia for requirements.

39. Sawmill Training

Fast woodcutting experience without any further rewards. 80 Woodcutting required.

40. Runespan

We'll head to Runespan to earn some Runecrafting experience and/or Runespan points towards Tier 1 esteem. When possible, we'll go wizard and Runesphere hunting as well! We'll generally head to the top floor of Runespan, but we can adjust depending on people present.

41. Nemi Forest

Nemi Forest is a randomly generated layout on Mazcab that can be explored for experience in different skills. Interacting with the forest will also gain you Mazcab reputation. We'll be able to get through the forest quicker together, and if we're lucky we'll run into one of the rare beast pets!

42. Stealing Creation

A team-based activity where teams compete for the most points. Players make and use armour and weaponry to engage in combat, or gain further points through item creation and refinement. Non-combat played if possible; otherwise played on a Stealing Creation world.

43. Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup

Players help clean up the village of Tai Bwo Wannai, while encountering monsters, earning the village currency of trading sticks as reward.

44. Clear the Tower

Let's kill every single creature in the Canafis Slayer Tower. Make sure to bring a slayer helm/nose peg for the aberrant spectres, and a rock hammer or darklight for the Gargoyles.

45. The Nexus

The Nexus is a group prayer training method in the Lumbridge Swamp. Let's appease the Nexus and get some Prayer experience at the same time.

46. Menaphos Reputation Building

Choose your faction and build reputation for them. Together we'll hunt Soul Obelisks and Corrupted Scarabs when they spawn, and bring some healing spells to make it all that much easier to get that reputation for the quests or achievements.

47. BGR - Draughts

RuneScape's version of draughts (known in North America as checkers) uses runes as the pieces. Like real draughts, the object of the game is to 'jump' over all of your opponent's pieces. An important note is that it is played with the "forced captures" ruleset on an 8x8 board. If it is possible to capture an enemy piece, the player must take the opportunity.

48. BGR - Runelink

RuneScape's version of connect four, using runes for the game pieces. Each player must click a column, which will drop their rune to the bottom-most empty space in that column. A player wins when they connect four of their runes diagonally, horizontally, or vertically.

49. BGR - Runeversi

RuneScape's version of Reversi (Othello). Players, in turn, will place one of their runes by left-clicking a vacant square on the board. A rune may only be placed if it captures one or more of your opponent's runes. Once placed, a rune never moves, though it can be flipped so that it changes rune type. To capture one or more of your opponent's runes, you must trap them between two of your runes. Your opponent's runes will then change into your rune type. This can be done across a horizontal row of runes, a vertical column of runes, a diagonal line of runes or a combination of these. The game is over once the board is full. The winner is the player with the most pieces. However, if both players have the same number of runes on the board then the game is a tie.

50. BGR - Rune Squares

This game is RuneScape's version of Box It(Lines). The Runesquares board is arranged in a grid pattern. Each player fills in white line segments one "unit" long. If a player closes a box (they create a line which closes any given 1 by 1 square), that player's rune appears in the newly formed square. The player then gets another turn to place another segment. If the player is not able to form a complete square, however, the players turn is over. The game ends when all boxes are filled, and the player with the most filled-in squares is the winner.

51. Tuska World Event

While Tuska landed into the ocean without doing much harm, the events and rewards are still there for the taking. In groups of five we can collect some Tuska reward points and unlock some amazing combat abilities that will change your Slayer training forever.

52. Rile up the Sheep

You thought One Small Favour and Elemental Workshop were bad, but you have probably forgotten about the excellent Sheep Herder quest. Let's see how much fun herding sheep actually is by collecting all the painted sheep around Ardougne once more!

53. Spa Party

Get ready for a real Clan Quest vacation at the Oog'log resort! Let's drop all the stress of skilling and killing by taking a refreshing dive into the spas that are known all around Gielinor. Bring some refreshing drinks to finish off the experience. No skinny dipping please.

54. Fish Flingers

This Distraction and Diversion features the Fishing skill. Located at Isla Anglerine, it involves participating in competitions and finding the best combination of bait, hooks, and weights to most efficiently catch the six different types of fish there. There are no requirements or items needed, but oddly the higher the players fishing level is the less experience they receive, usually 16-18k xp per game. Players can start by talking to a Fisherman, who appears at all major fishing spots. Rewards include raw fish, Fishing experience, and tackle boxes.

55. Mobilising Armies

Control an army and defeat opponents in RuneScape's real-time strategy game.

56. Barenuckleboxing

57. Warriors Guild

To enter, a player must either have Attack and Strength levels that add up to at least 130, or have either an Attack or Strength level of 99. Strength potions or Attack potions cannot be used to reach the level requirement. The guild is owned by Harrallak Menarous and is located just west of Burthorpe. Inside the Warriors' Guild, players have the option of participating in various Activities related to melee combat. As players complete these activities, they are rewarded with Warrior Guild Points. These are used to gain entry to the top floor of the guild, where players can fight a number of Cyclopes. These Cyclopes will sometimes drop Defenders, off-hand weapons that are wielded in the shield slot and provide Attack bonuses, and in the case of steel Defenders and above, a Strength bonus.

58. Doing Achievements

Boost your Runescore by doing some achievements together! Start with Minigame Achievements. If already completed, work towards one common achievement or chose one of the following achievements: All floors completed in Hard Mode (Dungeoneering), Master Angler (Fish flingers), get 1250+ Conquest rank, achieve Master White Knight Rank, Defeat Tarn Tazolor in the Abandoned mine in Morytania, Obtain any of the 6 lore books from the following bosses: Graardor, Kreeara, K'ril, Zyliana, Nex and King Black Dragon.

59. Riddle me this

Sharing of riddles and puzzles. These can come from the treasure trails.

60. Artisans Workshop

The Artisans Workshop is an area in southeast Falador which provides several opportunities for Smithing training. To get to the Artisans Workshop simply teleport to Falador and run southeast until you find a building full of dwarves with a large furnace in the middle just southeast of the mining guild. The first time you visit the workshop, talk to Aksel who will explain the various areas of the workshop to you.

61. Chompy Bird hunting

Chompy bird hunting is a fun members only Activity that you can play after you complete the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest. Killing chompy birds requires monstrous muscles, the speedy reflexes of a ranger, a sneaky mind, and the skilled hands of a fletcher. Hunting game like chompy birds is challenging, yet fun. Doing so is a much more fun (and a lot faster) way of getting valuable feathers. Also, an experienced hunter can show off his skills by wearing a priceless chompy hat. To start the chompy hunting Activity, come down far south to the Feldip Hills, south of Yanille (Fairy Ring teleport code AKS). You can also hunt in the areas south of Castle Wars (Fairy Ring teleport code BKP).

62. Mini Quests

Mini Quests are optional activities (or a series of tasks) that you can only experience once. Some unlock new areas, or spells, or abilities, or daily activities, or give reward items. Some are just for proud achievement.

63. Ectofungus Training

Let's gather some ectofungus and train some prayer. Bring your own bones and buckets. Bones can also be gathered by killing animals at the undead farm next door!

64. Jiggig

Raid zogre cofins. Requires completion of Zogre Flesh Eaters.

65. Home Showoff

Visit everyone's Player Owned Houses and determine who has the fanciest house in Clan Quest, or just try to plunder everything that the houses has to offer. Roleplaying encouraged.

66. Shifting Tombs

Let's head down into the shifting tombs of Menaphos for great reputation and shiny rewards! Make sure you've finished The Jack of Spaces quest to get access to the city.

67. Dungeonering

Form up raiding partys, group in closest levels where possible.

68. Bar Crawl

Travel from bar to bar (re)completing the bar crawl, while enjoying a pint or two and conversations with your fell clan mates and others. Not using lodestones or teleports makes the event more active. The bars are the following: Blue Moon Inn (Varrock), Jolly Boar Inn (North-east of Varrock), BlurBerry's bar (Gnome Stronghold), Dead Mans Chest (Brimhaven), Karamja Spirits Bar (Musa Point), Rusty Anchor (Port Sarim), Rising Sun (Falador), Foresters Arms (Seer's Village), Flying Horse Inn (Ardougne), Poison Arrow Pub (Ardougne) and Dragon Inn (Yanille).

69. Weed Problem

Much like cabbage bombing but with mithril flower seeds. Canvas the biggest area possible in a busy location with as many flowers as possible. Seeds can be brought on the Grand Exchange or at Legend's Guild.

70. Heavy Handed Peace Makers

Play the part of a Guthix minion. Go to one of the NPC vs NPC wars and obliterate all of them. Examples: Khazard battlefield, dwarves vs goblins by Dwarf Cannon Quest, God Wars Dungeon 1 & 2, Chaos Dwarf battlefield, etc.

71. Mafia

72. Max Max

Do everything Max does. That definitely won't freak him out.

73. Castle Wars

Red vs Blue in an ultimate battle to capture the flag.

74. Yak Attack

The yak's at Neitiznot are asking for it, and you know it. Let's kill all the yaks and gather their hides. We'll turn the hides into armour and kill all the trolls on the island!

75. Charm Sprites

Charm Sprites are a hunter training method that rewards summoning charms. Use your bait to lure out the sprites from their bushes, and then quickly catch them using your Yaktwee Stick. Catching 1,000 will give you an Enhanced Yaktwee Stick which will give a flat 5% bonus experience rate on all Hunter training when worn.

76. The Underground Pass

The bane of many quester: the Underground Pass. Let's relive the old times by going through the Underground Pass once more. Make sure to bring some rope! Clannies that still need to complete the quest in the first place are welcome to join as well.

77. Dominion Tower

Head to the Dominion Tower and take out as many bosses. Do a rumble, complete challenges, spectate or try to beat other teammates in who can go farther.

78. Sinkholes

Sinkholes are a daily Dungeoneering D&D. They occur 30 minutes after the hour. You cannot wear anything inside except for the Ring of Kinship. The Sinkhole consists of a small randomly generated dungeon. In the dungeon, you need to collect tokens to gain points. Exploration Tokens (30 points) can be found lying on the ground, Combat Tokens (20 points) are dropped by monsters in the dungeon, and Resources (10 points) can be collected around the dungeon. Cash them in at treasure points to come out on top. Make sure to keep an eye out for cards as well, as you will need those in the final phase to make sure you get the best possible reward. Make sure to agree beforehand whether you want to go with a "no steal" approach, where you don't steal each others rewards during the final phase, unless the person after you has a clone card.

79. Citadel Capping

Making capping fun by capping with a group of clannies at the clan citadel. Make sure to include the Clan Avatars in the fun!

80. God Wars Dungeon

Kill the bosses in GWD, choosing who y'all want to go against. GWD2 is also an option.

81. Drake the Duck

Drake the Duck is a pet that can be earned by leading a giant duck from Falador Park all the way to Mobilising Armies. With our teamwork, this should be easy peasy! Spam-feed him bread crumbs at the same time and make your way west for a chance to obtain the Mega Ducklings pet.

82. Chromatic Party Hat

Brace yourself for some skilling and killing in an alternate dimension to gather enough Zamoureagals to buy yourself a real party hat! It is upside down though, and also has multiple colours. It doesn't matter, because the Wise Old Man will still be jealous when you show him!

83. Agility Races

Race to see who can complete X amount of laps at different agility courses.

84. Wilderness Tag

Dangerous activity. Just a friendly game of tag, in the Wilderness. Avoid the person who is "it" while being attack by PK'ers. If you die to a PK'er, you are now it once you get back to the wilderness. Person is "tagged" if the person has a trade request come up in the game chat.

85. Bronze Massing

We at Clan Quest are real big noobs, so why not take out some bronze armour and go after some bosses. Allowed armour includes bronze, leather, and wizard robes. Weapons should be of the bronze tier as well. The target of this event will be decided based on the number of present clannies. Possible targets include Corp, Giant Mole, King Black Dragon (anti-dragon shield allowed, no dragonfire shields though!), and - if we feel very brave - Vorago!

86. Scavenger Hunt

Go after some treasure hidden using the treasure chest from Carnillean Rising. Hints will be given to find the exact location of the loot. Pirate outfits encouraged.

87. Sardines

Similar to Hide and Seek, but when you find the hider, you stay with the hider. The last person to find the hider loses and has to hide next.

88. Clan Quest Treasure Trials

The organiser buries the treasure chest from Carnillean Rising and provides hint to clannies to find it.

89. Time Travel

Find all the Enchanted Key history locations! Requires completion of Meeting and Making History. If already completed, travel between the 3 last locations (North of Al-kharid mine, Clan Camp and West of Duel Arena) for free rare Invention components (Saradomin & Zamorak) from the loot.

90. Jennica's Ring

Find all the portals accessible by Jennica's Ring in the Wilderness. Requires completion of Spirit of Summer and Summer's End.

91. Zombie Apocalypse

We decide on a closed off area to play this event in (for example Falador). Everybody but one person starts by wearing white armour (e.g. white, iron, steel), these are the healthy players. The remaining person starts in brown armour (e.g. bronze, leather), this is the zombie/infected. Every person brings a spare set of brown armour with them as well. The infected will go after the healthy players. If they get within two tiles of a healthy player, the healthy player is infected and switches to the brown armour. Last person standing wins and gets to be the first zombie in the next round!

92. Tears of Guthix

Nothing more Clan Questy than raging at the tears changing colour right before your eyes. Accessible from the Lumbridge Swamp Caves or by teleporting using the Games Necklace. Requires completion of the Tears of Guthix quest.

93. Penguin Hunting

Find pengies, get xp.

94. Xp Waste Party

A lot of RuneScape consists of training skills to get experience, so let's do the exact opposite of that: do absolutely nothing that gives us experience. We'll just hang out and chat about things. If anybody decides to get experience during the event anyway, public shaming is allowed!

95. Marathon

Race across all of Gielinor without using any shortcuts, only being able to run/walk. Pick a start and stopping point and see who can get there first.

96. Mime Posse

Dress up as mimes and do the emotes around other people.

97. House Party

Let's find out who has the best Player-Owned House, and raid some dungeons in the process. Don't worry about tidying up afterwards, that's something left for the house owner ;)

98. Drop Party

Head on over to the Falador party room and have a drop party with everyone that shows up.

99. Congo Line

Create a huge train of people (person 1 following person 2 who is following person 3 who is following person 4 etc...) and promote the general sense of sheer awesomeness of questing and Clan Quest.

100. RAWR

Clan Quest's members are awesome, and sometimes they do really awesome things. If this event is rolled, we'll hold a ceremony to celebrate all the Random Acts of Win that occurred. Recommended location is the Clan Citadel Senate room, but this is completely open to creativity.