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The Questing Clan of RuneScape Event Thugs United, or simply ETU, were a subgroup composed of members who worked on event hosting. With their activity beginning in August of 2010, the group has been responsible for organizing major events with huge turnouts, such as Quest Fest, The March of Runescape, Indian runs, Mass GE Cabbage bombing, and many others. Given the growth of the Clan Quest community, these "Event Thugs" took it upon themselves to host large, non-member, events which gathered much of the Runescape community. Their success as a group went so far as to receive Jagex Recognition, and ETU Organizers have had over 10 event threads stickied on the Runescape Official Forums!

Unlike other bodies such as the Guild and Honor Councils, and very much like the Razzers, there exists no formal record of all the members that have at one point been called an Event Thug.

Formation and first years

(August, 2010 - )

Clan Quest had always had a great deal of success and popularity in a single type of event, the "Emote Spam." The emote spam was a very simple event, but this only contributed to its popularity. The event consisted of everyone meeting at a crowded location, wearing one of the clan capes, Quest Point or Legends Cape. We would then sync emotes. If you had a QPC, you would do the QPC emote, with Legend's you would do the freeze emote. It was a great deal of fun, and apparently was an impressive show of coordination, to sync up to 20 people at a time.

One of Clan Quest's members, The Rerecros, spent his first few months in the clan, too noob to participate. He had neither the QPC, nor the Legend's Cape, and he had neither the QPC emote, nor the Freeze emote. Therefore, when he finally beat Legend's Quest, he threw a party.

On Thursday, August 6th, 2010, at 1:00 AM Game Time, the Legend's Quest After Party happened. It was an overwhelming success, with one of the highest turnouts in clan history. Although it probably was not a result of the (estimated) 110 people at the party, the host world (66), crashed shortly after the event.