The "Adopt a Noob Foundation", or simply the "ANF", was a short-lived subgroup of the Questing Clan of RuneScape founded in 2011, and briefly revived in 2013, that was led by Draziw and Rerecros. The purpose of the ANF was to facilitate the Guild's core purpose: Quest help. Essentially, the idea was that a "Coach" who owned a RuneScape Quest Cape would take a "Noob" under their wing who did not. The "Coach" would be responsible for helping their "Noob" complete quests, whether that was by assisting with skilling, combat, or puzzle solving, and would earn points depending on how many quests their "Noob" completed. Essentially the ANF was a competition, as the objective was to be the "Coach" with the most points.


The "Adopt a Noob Foundation" initially appeared on the old Clan Quest Forums on May 5th, 2011 as a forum where Draziw, Rerecros, and a select few others worked out how to set up and manage this idea that they had had: experienced members guiding inexperienced members to achieving a Quest Cape. Only a few threads were created in this forum between May 5th and May 6th, and largely dealt with the preliminary outline, the basic rules and guidelines, the selection process, and so on. The forum then went silent for several months, until a "Roster" template was created on September 4th, 2011, and an official announcement the day aftr. While the original threads had experienced some discussion, especially on how to move forward, neither thread posted in September received any response. While they may not have been designed to receive responses, there was no recorded activity whatsoever following their release.

While some "Coaches" and "Noobs" may have paired up ingame, there is no known instance of the Adopt a Noob Foundation formally beginning, assigning any partners, or beginning the competition. After September 5th, the ANF forum fell silent for significantly more than a year. It wasn't until May 14th, 2013 that it saw activity again. Rerecros made a dedicated effort to revive the project, redefining the terms, rewards, and points system. The forum was made public for feedback purposes, due in part to the requests for help creating an application that could track participants Quest Points, much like the official RuneScape RuneMetrics profile. There was also some criticsm around the newly proposed rewards, as they promised free T-Shirts(from the non-existant Clan Quest store) and promotions to the High Council(which Rerecros was not a member of). The reason for these unrealistic prizes remains uncertian, with questions remaining as to whether the rewards were a serious suggestion, a joke, or if the entire revival was a joke.

In any event, by May 20th the Adopt a Noob Foundation had once again fallen silent, only this time it would remain inactive until the forum was eventually archived and the project was officially ended several years later. Until then, the forum remained publicly visible to all members of Clan Quest, where it was used only once, in 2016, by 800mans who had a short-lived desire to reimplement the Adopt a Noob Foundation, but for all aspects of the game rather than just Quests.


In both the 2011 and 2013 runs of the ANF, there were three basic roles that made up the group's structure: The "Admins", the "Coaches", and of course, the "Noobs".


The "Admins" of the Adopt a Noob Foundation were a small, hand-selected group of individuals responsible for running the organization, judging the competition, helping pair up Coaches and Noobs, and calculating scores. No Admins were listed for the 2011 version, but presumably it was to be run by Draziw and Rerecros, the organizations founders. When Rerecros attempted to revive the ANF in 2013 he set it up so that there would be four individuals on the "Administrative Panel", a new name for the "Admins" that served the same purpose. Due to the ANF's failure to take off, the Administrative Panel was never, at least publicly, filled.


The "Coaches" were essentially the main concept of the ANF, as they were the ones being tasked with assisting a less experienced member, a "Noob", who would be doing these quests regardless, presumably with considerably more struggle. Being a full member of Clan Quest and owning a Quest Cape were the only major requirements for becoming a Coach, other than having a passion and patience to mentor another member of the Guild. In the 2013 version of the ANF there were only "Coaches" and "Noobs", but in the original 2011 version the Coaches were split into two categories: "Coaches", and "Noobagers".

In general, the term "Coaches" was used to refer to any participating member who owned a Quest Cape, but on a more specific level, a "Coach" in the 2011 version of the ANF did not have a "Noob" that they were coaching. "Noobagers", on the other hand, were coaches who did have a Noob that they were managing. The term "Noobager" was a play on the words "Noob" and "Manager", making it an appropriate title in the given circumstance.


The "Noobs" were the subjects of the Adopt a Noob Foundation, the ones being adopted. Noobs were members who had not yet achieved a Quest Cape, and agreed to receive help from someone who had. Anyone could become a Noob in both the 2011 and 2013 versions of the ANF, even if they were not a member of the Guild, seeing as how the Questing Clan of RuneScape is a public Quest help Clan. In the 2011 version of the ANF, there were two different types of Noobs: Regular Noobs, who were being helped, or "managed", by a Noobager, and "Wild Noobs", who were Noobs that had no Coach directly overseeing them.


The two different versions of the ANF each had their own unique scoring system; one complicated, the other much more simple. In the 2011 version of the ANF, a series of math equations were created in order to determine the points a Coach or Noob would receive depending on their progress. There were four different scenarios, and thus equations, in which a participant could gain points:
  • If a Noob completed a quest, the Noobager obtained points by determining:
    • [(Total Possible Quest Points) / (Current Quest Points at end of quest)] * (Quest Points obtained from quest) = Points obtained rounded to nearest integer.
  • When a noob completed ALL quests, then the noobager was awarded points based on:
    • [(Total Quest Points) - (Total Quest Points at start)] * [(Total Quest Points) / (Total Quest Points at start)]
  • When a noob completed ALL quests, the Noob became a Coach and was awarded points based on:
    • [(Total Quest Points) - (Total Quest Points at start)] * [(Total Quest Points) / (Total Quest Points at start)] + [(Total Quest Points) - Total Quest Points at start) - (Total Days to Complete all quests from start {could not result in loss})]
  • When A Noobager helped a Wild Noob, they were awarded points as follows:
    • [(Total Possible Quest Points) / (Current Quest Points at end of quest)] * (Quest Points obtained from quest)]

In the 2013 reboot of the ANF, the scoring system was dramatically simplified. In this version, a Noob's Quest Points were recorded at both the beginning and end of the competition period, and at that point a number of different "winners" were determined. The Noob that earned the most Quest Points per day would win the "Most Valuable Noob" category. "Nubager of the Year" would go to the Coach who "graduated" the most Noobs. The "Fireman of the Year" winner would be the Coach who earned the most points working with Noobs they were not officially managing, and the "Personal Assistant" winner would be the Coach who earned the most points via a singular Noob.


Seeing as how the Adopt a Noob Foundation was built around the idea for a competition, it was to be expected that there would be prizes for those who won. Unfortunately, the prize for the 2011 version of the ANF was left a mystery, and seeing as how the competition never truly took off, it was never revealed.

The 2013 reboot of the ANF, though, had a much more thought out and intricate set of rewards for those who won the competition. Should anyone have taken first place in the competition, they were set to win a three-month RuneScape Membership card, 10,000,000 GP ingame, a promotion in the Guild, and a free T-Shirt signifying their status as champion. Second and third place would each receive similar prizes, with T-Shirts signifying their place, and no RuneScape Membership cards. Second place was also promised an "immediate promotion" in the Guild, stating that recruits would become full members, full members Low Councilors, and Low Councilors High Councilors.

Due to the promises made in the 2013 reboot of the ANF, it is likely that the rewards were exaggerated, or made in a non-serious manner to entice participants, or to parody other ongoing events at the time.