This article is about the RS3 group. For the Clan, see Quest Helpers Clan.

The Quest Helpers Group was a short lived idea for an official subgroup of the Questing Clan of RuneScape originally proposed by Draziw on January 17th, 2013. The idea for the group stemmed from the Questing Clan's original goal to be the go to RuneScape Quest help channel for anyone who needed any kind of help or had any kind of questions. The official RuneScape forums had a subforum specifically set up for players to ask questions or request help on any of the games quests, and Draziw believed that this forum should be dominated by members of the Questing Clan. Essentially, the official "Quest Helpers Group" would be responsible for watching over the quest help forum, and providing as accurate and helpful information as they could to anyone who requested it. In addition to just being helpful, though, the idea was that every member of the group would indicate that they were members of the Questing Clan, and so the Guild would receive more notoriety among the questing community.

Draziw made a trial run of the group between January 17th and January 19th with the help of some interested members of the Guild, and set up an official forum from which members of the group could coordinate and document who they've helped, and when. Additional efforts were made to create unique "ASCII" signatures that members of the group could use as indicators of their membership. Unfortunately, official discussion about the group ceased on the 19th, and it almost immediately fell into obscurity and inactivity. It was still considered to be one of the Questing Clan's subgroups as of August 6th, 2015, but by this point it was not being actively participated in by anyone. The forum was moved to a private archive soon after. It is unknown how useful the group was during its brief activity, due to the fact that all relevant activity occurred on the official RuneScape forums, where threads in active forums are regularly purged to free up space.