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Old School Clan Quest
Guild Council
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Guild Councilors gathered for a picture.
Council Information
Head of Guild Council Francine1225
Number of Councilors 8
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The Old School Clan Quest Guild Council', or simply just the "OSRS Guild Council", is the governing body that oversees the entirety of the Old School Clan Quest guild. They are its leaders, its moderators, its decision makers, its recruiters, and its role models, as defined by the Constitution. They, along with the Old School Clan Quest Honor Council, ensure that the Guild runs smoothly and without incident. The OSRS Guild Council is notable as it is the first Council created after the ratification of the 2018 Constitution, making it the first Council to not have a relation with the RS3 Guild.


General Councilors

The vast majority of all Guild Councilors are considered to be "General Councilors", and hold no more power than any other member. There is no probationary period, no rank structure, and no favoritism; every member of the Guild Council is equal in rank, and vote to give additional powers to the Head of Guild Council. All general members of the Guild Council are expected to serve as "Joy spreaders" in the Guild, and have equal say over recruitment, event funds, day to day moderation, and so on. However, typically members of the Guild Council will "delegate" each of these roles and allow those handling recruitment to do so without challenge, while another group handles funds, others record keeping, and so on.

Head of Guild Council

The Head of Guild Council is a member of the Guild Council who has been elected by other members of the Guild Council to serve as their leader, their speaker, and their conflict mediator. The Head of Guild Council is effectively the leader of the Guild as they oversee the Guild Council, which itself oversees the overall management of the Guild, but is still expected to serve in equal capacity as any other member of the Council. The Head of Guild Council will usually steer the direction the Guild Council, and the Guild itself, take, while also setting the official "Guild Council policy". The Head of Guild Council is elected on a yearly basis.

Emeritus Councilors

Some Guild Councilors who, either through inactivity or by choice, no longer partake in the general management of the Guild are often moved to the "Emeritus" group, which is an unofficial group unique to the Questing Clan of RuneScape designed to "retire" Guild Councilors without demoting them. Members of the Emeritus Council do not have the same privileges as general members of the Guild Council, but should they prove that they understand the current Guild policies and procedures, and have demonstrated an acceptable level of activity, they can freely rejoin the general Guild Council membership.


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The following list displays all current active members of the OSRS Guild Council


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Creating the Council

(March 12th, 2018 - July 8th, 2018)
Old School RuneScape was released in February 2013, and mainly targeted players who wanted a different version of RuneScape, namely RuneScape 2. Clan Quest was founded in what today is RuneScape 3, so the clan's presence in Old School was virtually non-existent. Several clanmembers started playing Old School when it was released, and many even aquired a Quest Cape. However, general interest was still in RuneScape 3, so there were no fruitful attempts to start a branch in Old School. It wasn't until RuneFest 2017 when High Councillor Sethron 666 brought the idea back to the table. Together with Draziw, he would assemble 4 other clanmembers that already played Old School or had the interest to start playing. Those members were Gardenchick, Santa Ends, Ragulu and The Sugam. Sethron spearheaded the group's effort to stablish a formal brach of the Clan (the 2018 constitution hadn't been ratified yet, hence why the word "Guild" wasn't proposed), but due to real life obligations, the proposal failed. Some time later, Roadsick, a new clanmember at the time, heard about Sethron's initiative. After the ratification of the new Constitution, and along with Santa Ends, Sethron 666, Gardenchick, Ragulu, Sugam and Irene Angel, who had just came on board, Roadsick made an official request to create the Old School guild. Eleven days later, The Old School RuneScape Guild was accepted as part of Clan Quest, and, as such, the Guild Council was created, with Roadsick serving as the first Head of Council.

General inactivity and Council rework

(October 14th, 2018 - January 10th, 2019)
As time passed, the guild stagnated due to the Guild Council members being busy with different aspects of their lives. Following the inactivity of the Council and the OSRS Guild as a whole, Choto 3000 stepped up with a list of suggestions to increase activity and involve more people, proposing a somewhat aggressive way to recruit new members and revive the Council. The main points of his suggestions were to create a recruitment thread in both Clan Quest's offsite and the RuneScape Official Forums, to form a recruitment team and reach the short-term goal of 50 guild members. This resulted in the establishment of new policies and procedures, the addition of new, more active councilors, the retirement of those who were inactive, Choto's promotion to the Head of Guild Council, and the goal of 50 guild members being almost accomplished.

Reaching goals

(January 10th, 2019 - Present)
On January 17th, 2019, Choto 3000 resigned from the Guild Councillor due to disagreements with other clan officers. iiDefend was promoted to the Council that same day, and would be become the Head of said group a few days later, on the 22nd. His time as the Guild's leader was ultimately short, though, as he resigned from both it and the Guild entirely on April 15th, 2019. IRDifferent would be elected to replace him on the 21st of the same month.



The seven promotions that have already taken place have been handled without an in-game ceremony, as it was customary in the RS3 Guild, mainly because the need for more active councillors and the lack of organization made ceremonies irrelevant.


Currently, there is only one requirements that the Guild Council looks for in a prospective member:
  1. They are active and helpful not only ingame, but on Discord and on the Offsite as well.


  • There are 14 known individuals to have held a position in the Guild Council.
    • Only 1 member has forfeited his Guild Councilor position when he left the Clan.
    • 4 members were removed from the Council due to prolonged inactivity.
    • 5 members had previously served in the RS3 Low/Guild Council before joining the OSRS Guild Council. None of them are still active.
    • 7 people (excluding the guild founders) were promoted to the Guild Council before their first month in the guild.
    • 1 former Head of Council was appointed as such on the day he joined the Council.
    • 2 members have resigned from the council without leaving the guild or the clan.
  • 3 people have served in both the Guild and Honor Councils.