These guidelines how Clan Quest should be branded internally and externally. Adherence to these guidelines is mandatory, unless written permission is obtained from the Clan Council.


The name of our clan is "Clan Quest", "The Questing Clan", or "CQ" appreciated. These are the names that should be used in any clan communication. Note that "Clan Quest" are two words: neither of the words should be emphasised over the other typographically. The words should also not be represented as a single word ClanQuest in text, and not in image form unless required for balance.

Guilds in Clan Quest will be known by their full name as "The Questing Clan of ..." (e.g. The Questing Clan of RuneScape), but shorter versions such as "... Clan Quest" (e.g. Old School Clan Quest) are also allowed.



The following fonts should be used in Clan Quest branding:

Atlantic Inline


Atlantic Inline is used for logos of Clan Quest or related brands such as the Questaholic. Atlantic Inline should only be used for entity titles.



Raleway is our main title font. We use Raleway for larger titles in both website and print. Raleway can also be used in smaller normal texts such as on business cards, t-shirts, and other print objects.



Lato is the main font for larger texts. Paragraph texts and longer texts in print should use Lato.


The following are the official two colors:


These are the expanded color swatched that should be used wherever possible:


Sub-branding for guilds


Deviating from these guidelines

Any deviation from these guidelines should obtain written approval from a Clan Quest Clan Councillor