This policy was authored by the Clan Quest Clan Council. For questions related to branding, brand use, or branding policies please contact any individual of the Clan Council. For external questions contact

License to use

  • All the logos and specific branding this page are legally owned by Clan Quest. Any use outside of these policies, or any derivations of the resources contain within, is a violation of the limitations placed on the use of the branding and may be a violation of copyright law.
  • Any full member of Clan Quest MAY make use of the official branding, under the following conditions
    1. The use of the branding follows the policies described below.
    2. Said member - when representing themselves as a member of Clan Quest - represents the values of Clan Quest by following our Code of Ethics. Any misconduct outside the clan channels that can be linked back to Clan Quest will be treated as if it happened within.
  • Any use of Clan Quest's branding by a non-member, or commercial use by a member, must request written approval from Clan Council, who will respond to such a request within ten working days of said request.


The Clan Quest branding uses four colours, which are (in decreasing order of importance):

  1. Clan Quest Gold: rgb(236, 215, 125) / #ECD77D
  2. Clan Quest Blue: rgb(77, 143, 187) / #4D8FBB
  3. Clan Quest Navy: rgb(47, 70, 138) / #2F468A
  4. Clan Quest Bronze: rgb(96, 56, 19) / #603813

Clan Quest branding MUST be presented on a dark (preferrably black) background wherever possible. In cases where this isn't possible, Clan Quest Navy may be used for accentuation.


  • As a guideline, any officially branded material should PREFER to use the following fonts if available:
  • If these fonts are unavailable, any titles or headlines associated with the Clan Quest branding MUST use a simple, sans-serif font instead.


  • In writing, the Clan MUST always be referred to as "Clan Quest", with that exact capitalisation, and the use of a single whitespace between the two words. This MAY be appreciated to "CQ" when appropriate. Under no circumstances MUST Clan Quest be written in all-caps or lowercase.

A full list of logo variants and their colorings can be found in the table below:

Full color Flat Print 4 colors Print 2 colors Monochromatic
CQ Official Logo - Dragon.png CQ Official Logo - Dragon - Flat.png CQ Official Logo - Dragon - Print 3 Colors.png CQ Official Logo - Dragon - Print 2 Colors.png CQ Official Logo - Dragon - Mono.png
CQ Official Logo - Shield.png CQ Official Logo - Shield - Flat.png CQ Official Logo - Shield - Print 3 Colors.png CQ Official Logo - Shield - Print 2 Colors.png CQ Official Logo - Shield - Mono.png
CQ Official Logo - Shield Text Main.png CQ Official Logo - Shield Text Main - Flat.png CQ Official Logo - Shield Text Main - Print 3 Colors.png CQ Official Logo - Shield Text Main - Print 2 Colors.png CQ Official Logo - Shield Text Main - Mono.png
  • Any digital use of the logo MUST use the full variant colour of the logo in the layout that is most befitting the space it occupies.
  • Print use MAY make use of the flat variants, and should PREFER the maximum number of possible colours. DO NOT deviate from the colour schemes outlined above.
  • Print on paper MAY use a black on white version of the logo, and print on fabric MAY use a white on black version of the logo, if a coloured version of the logo is infeasible.


  • PREFER showing the logo on a flat, dark colour, ideally black.
  • DO NOT outline or otherwise modify the logo to contrast it to the background.
  • A drop shadow MAY be added, as long at contains exclusively black colour values.
  • Any additions to the logo MUST be made outside of the bounding box of the used logo file, and maintain a minimum of 8 pixels distance from the main logo file.


  • DO only the variants of the logo described above. DO NOT split or combine any elements of the logo.

Guild branding

Guilds may create a branding scheme for their specific interests, and representative of that specific Guild, which may be submitted to the Clan Council and approved. Use of that branding shall fall within the guidelines herein generally, and may be subject to additional limitations as outlined by the Guild Council of the respective Guild.

Changes to this policy

The Clan Council commits to maintaining this branding policy. Any changes to this policy will be recorded below, together with their date of introduction. The Clan Council will announce any changes publicly in the monthly bulletin.

Actively maintained branding MUST comply with any updated policies as soon as possible, but no later than one month after their announcement.