Clan Quest has a Twitch channel. Just as Clan Quest is a cross-game community, the channel is intended to showcase all the games we have a presence in, and more. Below you can find out the rules and guidelines for streaming or being otherwise involved with the Twitch channel.

Clan Quest Twitch Code of Conduct

If you stream on the Clan Quest channel, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Follow the Twitch Community Guidelines.
  2. All the official Clan Quest rules apply.
  3. Our streamers must maintain a decorum consistent with the high standards of Clan Quest. This means no swearing, limiting discussion of politically or socially charged topics, and attempting to maintain a presentation suitable for all audiences.
  4. No promotions for your personal channel, or any product not affiliated with Clan Quest are allowed without prior approval from the Clan Council.
  5. When you stream, there must be at least one Clan Quest channel moderator present to moderate the chat. This may be the person streaming if they are able to be active in the chat.

Breach of this Code of Conduct can lead to immediate withdrawal of your rights to stream to the Clan Quest channel.

Becoming a streamer

To be granted a streaming key for the Clan Quest channel, you must be a member that is currently in good standing in the clan. You can request a streaming key from a Clan Councilor. The Clan Councilor will want to know what your streaming plans are. At this time we are focusing on growing an audience, so preference will be given to those people who can commit to streaming regularly (ideally at a fixed time each week). You may also be asked to do a test stream to verify the stream quality.

Having your channel hosted

In addition to streaming to the Clan Quest channel directly, people who already stream regularly may choose to continue streaming on their original channel, and ask to be hosted on the Clan Quest channel. Channels hosted this way must still adhere to the Clan Quest Twitch Code of Conduct as described above.

At this time our main focus is to grow our own audience and channel, so the preference is for people to stream to the Clan Quest channel directly.

I need help streaming

This article does not aim to be an extensive guide to how to stream, so we recommend looking for guides that exist elsewhere. Our recommendation is to use OBS or Streamlabs to livestream, as they are both free and open source tools.


At this time, Clan Quest is not a Twitch partner, and our main focus is growing the channel audience. We currently do not have a definitive plan for how to deal with finances once the channel becomes profitable. The expectation is that recurring income (such as from subscription and ads) will be held by the clan, and used to maintain the clan infrastructure. One time donations (or "bits" as Twitch calls them) can be paid out to the streamer that was active at the time, assuming a minimal payout threshold has been met. The exact details are still TBD, and we will be in contact with all regular streamers at the time we reach Twitch Partner status.


Can we add X to the Twitch channel?

If you are interested in having certain features added to the Clan Quest channel (e.g. a chat bot, art, a stream overlay), please reach out to the Clan Council. We'd be happy to improve the Twitch channel, and even happier if you could help us out doing so!

Can I become a chat moderator?

To become a Twitch chat moderator, you need to be a member in good standing, and show that you are able to watch and moderate Clan Quest streams regularly. If we consider you a suitable candidate, we'll ask you, but you can always reach out to a Clan Councilor.

Can I stream game X to the Clan Quest channel?

We're happy to allow games that don't necessarily have a Clan Quest presence, as long as the game fits with our clan's identity.

Can I stream something that is not games?

If we feel it fits with the identity of our clan, most definitely. Talk to the Clan Council with your idea.

Can I do a one-off stream?

While we prefer regular streams, we are also happy to accept good ideas for one-off streams. Please reach out to the Clan Council.

Can we do a sponsored stream?

If you are willing to negotiate the sponsorship yourself, we will definitely be interested to hear about the opportunity. Please check with the Clan Council to make sure the logistics can be worked out.