This page features versions of Clan Quest's branding that are no longer in use. For the Clan's current branding, please see the official Branding page.

Early Logos

Early logos built on the then-official RuneScape logo.
Clan RuneScape Old Logo 002.png
Clan RuneScape Old Logo 001.jpg

Logo created by Anamona in May, 2010. It was used as the official CQ logo until June, 2017.
Clan Old Logo 001.png

An example of the Rune Logo in use on the former homepage of the Clan Quest website.
Old Offsite 001.png

In June 2017 Clan Quest adopted a new logo built around the idea of the "Quest Shield", inspired by similar RuneScape logo.
Clan New Logo 001.png
Clan New Logo 002.png