Announcements are an important tool in communicating important messages to clan members. However, overuse of announcements diminishes their usefulness, and wrong use of announcements is a waste of announcement capacity. These policies help to make the most use of announcements, and should be followed whenever possible. When in doubt, err on the cautious side.


In general, announcements are moderated by the platform moderators (e.g. Forum Moderators for Clan Forums and Moderators for Clan Discord). Permissions are granted to the highest functioning governing group for the platform (e.g. Clan Council for Clan Forums and Discord), which will act as announcement moderators if no dedicated moderation group is present.

If you lack the permissions to post an announcement, ask a platform moderator to post one on your behalf.

Additional groups may be granted permission to post announcements based on their needs. If you feel you have a valid use case for having the permission on a more permanent basis, ask the platform moderators to consider it.

General guidelines

The following guidelines are the basis for the platform specific guidelines below.

  • Announcements MUST be relevant to all members on the chosen platform.
  • Announcements MUST include a link to where the members' attention has to be focused, unless the announcement itself is the focus of attention.
  • Announcements MAY NOT be used for periodic announcements.
  • Announcements SHOULD always be for causes that benefit all members of the platform, rather than an individual.

Platform specific guidelines

Forum announcements

The following guidelines apply specifically to the Clan Forums on Note that on the forums, we distinguish global announcements (show on the top of every board index page) and board announcements (show on the top of a single board index page).

  • There may never be more than two global announcements at the same time.
  • Each board can have at most one additional board announcement.
  • Threads may be pinned as announcement for at most thirty days.
  • Announcement threads may be bumped after at least three days (i.e. 72 hours) of inactivity.

Discord announcements

The following guidelines apply specifically to the Official Clan Discord. These guidelines describe any post in the #announcements channel, with additional guidelines in place for using a global tag @everyone or @here.

  • Discord announcements must include a link to a thread or wiki page with additional information.
  • The @everyone or @here tag may only be used for an important announcement that is concerning the entire clan.
  • On average, there should be at most one announcement per week, and at most one @everyone or @here tag per month.

Exceptions & Penalties

Exceptions to these guidelines may be given when necessary, but only in agreement with the entire platform moderation team. Transgressions of these guidelines without written consent from the platform moderation team will lead to announcement permissions being revoked across all clan communication platforms.