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Clanquest.org is the dominion name of Clan Quest's official hub on the Internet. It was opened on February 5, 2011, and served as a replacement for the clanquest.darkbb site. Commonly called the offsite, by its members, the website holds almost every piece of the clan's history. The offsite's subforums have served a variety of purposes, such as Councils communications, guides for the games played by the clan members, event hosting, recruitment, introductions, forum games, RuneFest coordination, and much more.

During a general meeting for Clan Quest's 6th anniversary, on November 9, 2015, the High Council announced the creation of the Offsite Revamp Team. Both programmers and people with skills regarding graphic or website design were invited to participate, as well as any member willing to contribute with their ideas. The original plan was to complete the revamp by March 2016, but it wasn't until June 2017 that the changes were implemented.

Our offsite can be fully accessed by any registered member with at least two posts in it. This 2-posts-system was added in order to prove that accounts are legitimate and have no intent of advertising, selling or promoting interests outside of those of the Clan. Once registered and added to a Guild, the user will be able to see the general section, containing all matters relevant to Clan Quest as a whole, and the particular Guilds' sub-forums. Other sections of the forums are used for either off-topic threads or private common places for the many groups and councils our organization has.

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Our own website

(February 5, 2011) - (June 17, 2017)

Talk about Tohtli, transfer from darkbb, Anamona. Files to put here: Old Offsite 001 and 002 (Resize, dammit)

The new offsite

(June 17, 2017) - (c.2018)

Talk about Cireon, Earth, Revamp team, Shane. Files: Old Offsite 003 and 004

The wiki arrives

(c. 2018) - (Present)

Talk about Sira, Shane, Draz, Questaholic transfer, maybe ramble on the "About" page. Files: Old Offsite 005 and 006