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February 2019
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Old School Clan Quest
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Guild Information
Guild Founded July 8th, 2018
Guild Founders Roadsick, Sugam, Irene Angel, Santaends, Ragulu
Head of Guild Council Dogsnow mkii
Head of Honor Council Prinessi
Approximate Members 50

This guild was made official as of the vote on July 8th, 2018.

Old School Clan Quest is the second official Guild of Clan Quest as of its ratification on July 8th, 2018. The Guild is hosted on the game "Old School RuneScape", which is a spinoff of RuneScape launched in 2013 built from a backup of the game from 2007. Clan Quest's RuneScape Guild, the Questing Clan of RuneScape, had contemplated expanding into Old School ever since it launched, and while several prominent, active members of the Guild played the game, none had taken the leap to formally established anything. Momentum finally started to build when the modern Constitution was ratified, opening up the possibility for Clan Quest to found new Guilds in more games.


As per the Clan's Constitution, Old School Clan Quest is organized into its two primary bodies: The Guild Council and Honor Council. Due to its relative youth, these groups make up the entirety of OSCQ's government and other special positions, there are currently no volunteer groups.

Guild Council

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Old School Clan Quest's Guild Council is unique in that it was the first iteration of a Guild Council with absolutely no relation to the groups predecessor, the Low Council. Originally the group was to be spearheaded by Sethron 666 and Sugam, but eventually Roadsick took over and when the Guild was made official, he became its first Head of Guild Council.

Honor Council

Main Article: Old School Clan Quest Honor Council
The Honor Council for Old School Clan Quest is currently headed up by Prinessi, whom serves along side Sugam and Draziw. He was elected to the role in January of 2019.


Main Article: Old School Clan Quest/History
Ever since Old School RuneScape's release in 2013, members of the pre-existing RuneScape 3 Guild had been attempting to set up a community there. Very little traction was gained in this endeavor due to a general lack of time and motivation by those playing Old School RuneScape. It wasn't until March 12th, 2018, when the modern Constitution was ratified that any leeway was made on creating an Old School Guild. The Constitution reorganized Clan Quest to allow for the creation of new Guilds, and in an effort to implement this new system, Old School RuneScape was given more focus.

Initially the Guild was going to be headed up by Clan Councilor Sethron 666 as well as Santaends, Ragulu, Gardenchick, and Sugam. The Guild Council was going to be led by Sethron while the Honor Council would be led by Sugam. Unfortunately real life commitments on everyones part made this arrangement difficult, and for a few months progress on establishing the Guild once again slowed. Sethron and Gardenchick's activity decreased to the point that they withdrew their names as candidates for the Guild Council, and Sugam went back and forth on his activity.

The effort to establish the Guild was reinvigorated when Roadsick was made aware of the Guild, and brought on to serve as one of its founders. Shortly after his involvement began Irene Angel came on board and the two of them replaced Sethron and Gardenchick as the prospective Guild founders and Guild Councilors. Roadsick took charge as the prospective Head of Guild Council, while Santaends took over Sugam's position as the Head of Honor Council. This new arrangement finally found enough traction to go to a vote on July 1st, 2018. After a week it passed, and Old School Clan Quest was made an official Guild of Clan Quest.


The ingame Clan Chat used to host the Old School Clan Quest Guild is that of the Clan Quest RuneScape Account, the very same account that serves as the owner of the Questing Clan of RuneScape's Guild ingame. Members of Old School Clan Quest must be ranked manually by the Clan Quest account, but due to Old School RuneScape's more open Clan system, members of the Guild can freely partake with or without an ingame "rank".