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October 2018
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Sethron 666



Clan Quest
Joined Clan November 9th, 2009
Gaming Info

CQ Sethron
Personal Info
Name Jamie
Age 25
Sex Male
Occupation Robotic Sales
Location Wales, United Kingdom

Sethron 666 (aka Seth) is one of the original three founders of Clan Quest and is a current Clan Councilor. Being known as one of the fun loving leaders of the Runescape Guild, Seth was responsible for many of the events and activities which eventually became a precedent for the Guild. While never having a strong interest in the politics of the clan's government, or the day to day operations, Seth has always had a keen sense of right and wrong. Being an advocate for fairness and equal rights between all members, Seth's legacy within the clan has been to ensure all members are granted equal opportunities to do everything regardless of a member's rank. He is largely responsible for the large number of officers who have or currently operate the clan, a number which is significantly larger than most other similar communities. "If one person isn't having fun, we need to try to change it!" has served as an aggressive policy for the clan throughout it's existence, and helped to ensure its continued existence.

Due in part to his lack of interest in daily management of Clan Quest or the Runescape Guild, and in part to his busy schedule in real-life which has rendered him incapable of making regular time commitments, Sethron has moved himself to an Clan Government#Emeritus position. While still available for contact, his involvement in policy and practice is largely limited for most members of the Clan Council.

The Open Low Council

When the Questing Clan of RuneScape was originally formed, Sethron advocated for the Low Council to be open to anyone with a Quest Cape. This resulted in many of the original members being granted immediate Officer positions, regardless of merit. While this openness did eventually result in some minor issues, the concept of having a large body of individuals with the authority to act became a precedent.

When a new policy was eventually implemented defining how individuals would become selected for the Low Council, intense scrutiny was given into ensuring any new rules would not be so restrictive to eliminate the possibility of many people having the tools they needed. While there is a very real need to ensure those entrusted with the power to do things in the clan should be given to those trustworthy and capable of doing so, there is also a reality to making sure those who can, are given the opportunity.

Runefest Attendee

Sethron has attended multiple Runefest events including RuneFest 2015, RuneFest 2016, and RuneFest 2017.

RuneScape Career

Sethron has played RuneScape since mid 2005. Draz and Seth have been friends in game since early 2006.