Clan Quest
Joined Clan January 15, 2010
Gaming Info

Personal Info
Age 29-ish
Sex Female
Occupation Badass
Location Canada

MsKonnan10 (Aka MsK, Konnan, or "The Grandmotha") has been a member of Clan Quest since early 2010 (Having joined the offsite on the day of it's creation on March 10th, 2010). She remains one of the most active members of the RuneScape Guild, and serves as an active member in the Clan Council. Prior to her promotion to the RuneScape Guild's High Council on Oct 21st, 2012, MsK was a staple of the clan community- involved in recruitment, event hosting, and participating as one of the leaders of the community- regardless of any formal authority.

She eventually joined the Low Council and assumed a formal presence in the daily operation of the Guild. She would eventually be promoted to Head of Low Council, and served in that capacity from May 6th through October 21st, 2012.

During her time within Clan Quest, MsK has often been described as the "Doorman." For much of the Runescape Guild's existence, the decision for admittance into the group resides primarily on her opinion. She is a founding member of the Recruitment Razzers as well as the Content Editors.

MsKonnan was elected as Head of High Council on October 12th, 2013, where she would remain until November 10th, 2014.


MsKonnan10 has played a notable role in Guild recruitment for almost the entirety of the Guild's existence. She served as one of the leaders and founding members of the Recruitment Razzers, and is the only member of the Razzers to maintain active participation within the group since its creation on October 15th, 2011.

During her reign as Head of High Council, she was personally attributed with having recruited 60 members in just 50 days.

The Questaholic Magazine

When the Questaholic was originally created, MsKonnan10 served as one of its primary content creators. She is notable for her creation of articles relevant to the Clan Dragon and Clan Citadel.