The Questing Clan of Runescape Recruitment Razzers, or simply Razzers, were a subgroup composed of members who worked on recruitment. Its original membership consisted on MsKonnan10 and Lizbeth as leaders, with Avaricious, Bobacupcake, Kyno-saur, Karen Angel, ZarosReturnz, Jamie k1990, Seb, Elven Badass, Fatalflare10, Daviddts, AlphaLeo and Roadmaps as core Razzers. The group was made an official organization during a Clan meeting in October 15, 2011.

Unlike other bodies such as the Guild and Honor Councils, and very much like the Content Editors, there exists no formal record of all the members that have at one point been called a Razzer. There are, however, a bunch of things to learn!

Jamie k1990

(October 15th, 2011 - October 9th, 2013)

Jamie k1990 is considered to be the first Head of the team, a position he acquired in October 15, 2011, only 3 days after the Razzers were made official. The original Recruitment Razzers policy was implemented by himself, 15 days later. In Clan Quest's early days, a potential member needed 3 different sponsors to join the Clan. However, if you were invited by a Razzer, that requirement could be skipped. This gave the Razzers similar recruitment privileges as those held by the Low Council. Furthermore, a private subforum was set up for their use, which massively helped with record-keeping.

Lizbeth and Miss Alaska

(October 9th, 2013 - July 15th, 2015)

As Jamie's activity was gradually slowing down, and after a call for volunteers from High Councilor Draziw, the group's leadership was given to Lizbeth and newcomer Miss Alaska in October 9, 2013. It is to be noted that MsKonnan, now a High Councilor, was the general overseer of recruitment, a role she played until the ratification of the 2018 Constitution.

The Razzers' policies stayed pretty much the same for a few months, until March 4, 2014, when they were updated by Lizbeth (who eventually became the de facto leader of the group), mainly due to changes in both the clan and the ranking system. A huge amount of people joined the Razzers during Lizbeth's time as Head, including all Heads that followed her.

Wolffi and Irene Angel

(July 15th, 2015 - October 10, 2017)

On July 8th, 2015, Lizbeth announced she was no longer going to be maintaining a regular level of activity, and so Wolffi was chosen to replace her. Wolffi's time as Head wouldn't last long though, and had been replaced by Irene Angel less than 2 months later, on September 2.

Irene can possibly be considered the last active Head of the Razzers, and by October 2017 she had gone inactive, and the Razzers, by that time managed by just Sirapyro, Tyco Elf, Wolffi and Choto 3000, slowly decreased its activity.

Tyco Elf and Sirapyro

(October 10, 2017 - March 21, 2018)

Some time after Irene Angel had disappeared, Tyco Elf took the mantle of the Razzers to try and bring the group to its former levels of activity. High Councilor Sirapyro took part in this endeavour as well, as record-keeping has always been one of his strongest capabilities. The other two remaining Razzers, Wolffi and Choto 300, kept doing their jobs at half-speed, until they too were unable to continue the work on their own. A few months later, on March 21, 2018, the Razzers were disbanded, alongside the Event Thugs United.