The "Content Editors" group is one of the five official Clan Quest subgroups represented on the Offsite, Discord, and other Clan mediums. The group was officially created on August 20, 2017 after the Clan Council made the decision to collapse and combine the "Questaholic Editors" and "Offsite Revamp Team" groups. As such, those in the Content Editors group became the de facto handlers of all of Clan Quest's official creative and technical mediums, including the Magazine, the website, the Wiki, and all similar endeavors, such as video content creation.


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The Questaholic Magazine is Clan Quest's oldest form of created content, and it is the backbone from which the Content Editors group was created. At present, Choto 3000 is the editor in chief of the Magazine, ensuring that it is published in a timely manner each month. Other contributors, such as Cireon, Sirapyro, and Draziw continue to contribute on a monthly basis.

Typically, those who contribute to the Content Editors team create a diverse array of written content. No video content has ever been featured in the Magazine that was originally created by a member of the Content Editors team, or any of its predecessors. Contributions to the Magazine can range from anything to Guild-specific guides, official Clan Quest news or announcements, interviews with members of the Clan or other notable individuals(such as game developers), and even original written content.

Please see this link if you're interested in contributing to the Questaholic Magazine.


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The Clan's website has gone through several different iterations, but is currently managed by Shane, Cireon, and Lord Earth. The former two have largely taken over the design and front-end aspect of the website, and are active members of the Content Editors team. Other members have been brought onto the Content Editors team to assist in coding, such as Protoman807, setting the precedent for the group overseeing the webdesign.


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On September 1, 2017 the website's managers added the free-use MediaWiki software to the Clan's website, allowing the Clan to create its own Wiki for more advanced, and completely self controlled, content. The implementation of the MediaWiki software and server-side management was chiefly handled by Shane and Cireon, whereas content creation and site-side management was spearheaded by Sirapyro and Draziw.

Currently, the creation of Wiki content is chiefly overseen by Sirapyro and a team of Moderators and Wiki Editors, both of which have become a part of the Content Editors group. Since the Wiki's inception, the subsection of the Content Editors focusing on the Wiki have succeeded in creating a ton of content detailing information about the Clan, its members, and, most ambitiously, they managed to migrate the entire Magazine from the forums onto the Wiki.

Video Content

The Content Editors team has not yet begun creating original video content, but currently have plans to do so. You can contact Draziw or Sirapyro with any questions about video content for the Clan.


Below is a list of every single member in the Content Editor's group, whether they work on the website, magazine, video content, or anything else.