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Choto 3000



Clan Quest
Joined Clan June 28, 2015
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Choto 3000
June, 2007
Master Quest Cape
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Choto 3000
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Name Álvaro
Age 22
Sex Male
Occupation History Student
Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
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This wiki has been suffering my contributions for:
September 12 2017 22:14 UTC

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Choto 3000, or Choto, is a Content Editor and RuneScape Guild Councillor, former Head of the Old School Guild Council, RuneScape Honor Councillor and Moderator of Clan Quest. He joined the clan in June 2015, after being invited by Miss Alaska, although he became fairly active in 2016. The name "Choto 3000" stands for something broken or of bad quality, because the account's sole purpose was to beg for money in the Grand Exchange of RuneScape. For the same reason, he is always seen wearing full Bronze equipment and an untrimmed Smithing cape.

One of his proudest achievements is having completed Cook's Assistant. Not once, or twice, but 12 times, on different accounts and different times, with ironmen, skillers, oldschool and classic accounts.

RuneScape History

The "beg"inning

A long-time friend was the player who introduced Choto to the game, in mid 2007. RuneScape had grown in popularity in South America since mid 2006. His first account was named "Wiliamwalace", as he had been playing Age of Empires II for too long. At that time, rumour had it that if you died 3 times in-game, your account would be deleted. That's why, after being killed by a Higwayman, that account was abandoned and "Choto 3000" was born. (Fun fact, the account had less than 3 deaths by 2013). As stated above, the account's purpose was to beg for money in the Grand Exchange. But that gets really boring really fast, so Choto created a new goal: To explore everything, to unlock all music tracks and to complete all quests. In f2p. Of course. In any case, as he didn't like the grind, he was never able to complete his questing goals until he redeemed a bond for membership. By 2009, Choto got bored and quit the game.

The start of a new era

In 2013, something happened. An e-mail was sent to RuneScape players talking about a new grandmaster quest, The World Wakes, a devious Mahjarrat and the very first world event, in which Zamorak and Saradomin, two of the most influencial gods by then, would fight for Guthix's power. Driven by curiosity, Choto then came back, once again, and this time for good.

Ironman mode and Rusted Iron

In October 2014, the Ironman mode was released. By November, Choto had created an account, named Kaiser Zose, which is still active to this day. During this time he had his first approach to clans and friend chats. He was invited by Rustee and Steelatus, two veteran players, to join one of the first Ironman clans, Rusted Iron, where he quickly got involved into the development of the iron community. But the most influencial group he was part of is f2pironmanfc, nowadays the largest f2p ironman hub. The founder of the Friends Chat is "Arbre de Vie", mostly known from her main account "Treemaid". He became the chat's first moderator and was part of the community's government for two years, until he resigned his position due to heavy frustration. (Fun fact: Clan Quest member Rownak7 was part of f2pironmanfc as well, but not him or Choto would realize they had been sharing both spaces until 2017)


In 2015, the idea of creating his own clan arised. He gathered a group of friends and created Runesporring, a community oriented clan. Unfortunately, even as it showed a sudden peak of so-called popularity, the project ended in failure and the group disbanded. Choto would remain as owner of the clan until he left it for The Questing Clan of RuneScape

Clan Quest

Now with brand-new membership, and with tons of quests to do, Choto started looking for a new clan. He remembered about the RSOF and started lurking around. He would then find a thread about a questing clan, where the community goals were everything he had been waiting for. He applied in T-8 (?), was accepted as a recruit, invited by Miss Alaska and (almost) scared away by Quest Kitty. Although he remained fairly inactive during his first months, he then joined several groups:

Recruitment Razzer

This was the first group Choto applied for. Irene Angel was the Head of the Razzers back in 2016, and was formally invited in September 24. Even though the group has suffered a serious loss of members and participation, Choto is still part of the Razzers (even if he hasn't done his work in a very, veeeeery long time). Nowadays, he is the unoficial Asistant Head for the Interin Head of the Razzers (currently Tyco Elf. The hopes are high, we'll see the rebirth of the Razzers.

Questaholic Editor

Now known as the Content Editors team, the Questaholic Editors group was conformed by those who ttok part in the release of the monthly Clan Quest magazine, "Questaholic". Choto applied to become one of them, and was welcomed by the group's leader and most influential editor since the rebirth of the magazine, Santa Ends. After the 'colos and usergroups' rework, the Editors are now distinguished by the green color in their names, and no longer take part in just the creation of the magazine.

Low Councillor

It was agreed that Xenon Ray and Choto 3000 would be promoted to the Low Council on the clan's anniversary, but as that couldn't be done because the planet is too big and Xenon was surely sleeping, Choto got invited to the Low Council on November 16, 2016, while Xenon was promoted on the 26th. MORE IS TO BE ADDED TO THIS SECTION


Probably the one thing Choto has done for the well-being of the Clan is the installment of a permanent RAWR Awards system. These awards have the ultimate goal of offering a platform for every clan member to nominate others for good actions towards the community. As of August 2017, the RAWR Awards have a spot on the monthly magazine, the Questaholic. You can check the nominations thread here.

Affiliations to other groups

The Pawfia

The Pawfia is a criminal organization run by the fuzzy kind. Its leader, Quest Kitty, has tried by all means to bring Choto on board, even if he's not fuzzy at all. He claims not to be a member of the Pawfia, but Kitty keeps saying he is.

The Hoodian Faith

The Hoodian Faith is Clan Quest's non official religion. It was created by mistake when Choto tried to say 'good morning' and said 'hood morning'. Santa Ends then popularized and has become not only a form of greeting, but a true faith with true followers.

He was chosen to become the Head of the Hoodian Council (HoHooC) after some very, veeery shady elections. However, he resigned to such an important office after 1 hour and 5 minutes of service. Check the Hoodian Council page to read more about that.

What's up nowadays

So yeah hoods this is me. My in-game goal has been accomplished and I now have my Master Quest Cape. The thought of getting Completionist Cape came in and out in just a matter of seconds.

Now regarding the clan...I have plans. I want the magazine to be attractive and entertaining for more people outside RuneScape and even gaming in general. For instance, I contacted Elon Musk's press department to try and get an interview. They kinda told me to fuck off. But hey! I'm a spammer, I am relentless, I...AM...GROOT CHOOT.

This section will be updated every now and then.

About Bronze and why it is the best metal ever

Have you ever sen bronze? Well, that's the reason. Now go away.

If you reached this far, that means you love me. I knew it, I'm irresistible.