Old School Clan Quest
Honor Council
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The Honor Council's secret lair.
Council Information
Head of Honor Council Prinessi
Number of Councilors 3
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The Old School Clan Quest Honor Council, or simply just the "OS Honor Council", is the judicial body that governs and mediates disputes within the entirety of the Old School Clan Quest Guild. While the Guild Council serves as the day to day moderators, the Honor Council is responsible for making the final decision on all major breaches of ethics, through reference to the Clan Quest Canon of Ethics. Read on to learn more about this group, how it works, and its history!


Head of Honor Council

In the structure of the Honor Council, the "Head of Honor Council" is the de facto leader of the Council who is elected by popular vote and responsible for selecting every other member who will serve on the Honor Council for their tenure. The Head of Honor Council is thus provided a lot of responsibility and is afforded a considerable amount of respect by both the members of the Guild and the Honor Council, but in practice the Head of Honor Council holds no additional practical powers than any other member of the Council.

General Honor Councilors

"General Honor Councilors" is an unofficial term that refers to every member of an Honor Council that is not the Head. "General" Honor Councilors are selected by the Head within 72 hours of their being elected, and are locked in until the next Honor Council election. Should any single member of the Honor Council resign, or be proved inactive, the entire Honor Council is removed to be replaced. Every member of the Honor Council, including the Head, has an equal say in all of the Council's relevant business.


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The Honor Council currently consists of 3 members that are listed below:

The Head of Honor Council is Prinessi.

Forming the Council

(July 8th, 2018 - January 17th, 2019)
Per the Clan's Constitution, a potential Head of Council must exist when applying for a new Guild. This was the case for Old School Clan Quest, who appointed Santa Ends to that role. There were no restrictions for Santa Ends to add more people to his Council, and no obligation to do so either. As such, he remained as the sole Honor Councilor for the following six months.


(January 17th, 2019 - Present)
After a Guild reaches fifty members, the number of Honor Councilors shall be more than one, but odd in total. This is an excerpt of Article IX, Section II of the Constitution. When the goal of 50 members was reached, the Guild as a whole was called to elect their Head of Council for the first time in its history. The following members were nominated: Santa Ends, Prinessi, Sugam and Draziw. Sugam didn't accept the nomination. In the subsequent election, Draziw received 2 votes, Santa Ends received 3, and Prinessi received 5. Before the election was over, however, Santa Ends and Draziw resigned from the running, so both by most voted nominee, and by default, Prinessi was chosen as the first publically elected Head of Honor Council, and announced a few hours later that he would be joined by Sugam and Draziw to serve alongside him.


The Honor Council is unique in the makeup of the Questing Clan of RuneScape, and Clan Quest as a whole, because it is the only position that is chosen by popular vote among the entire Guild. The Guild Council votes internally on who it adds to its ranks, as does the Clan Council, making the Honor Council representatives of the Membership-at-Large in a way the other two groups can't be. Of course, when an election is held to select a new Honor Council, only the Head is voted for. Whoever wins this vote is then tasked with selecting the rest of their Honor Council, meaning you not only vote for a Head of Honor Council, you vote for a Head of Honor Council who has free reign to select any other member of the Guild to join them.

Honor Council elections occur only when there is a vacancy in the Honor Council. Should any member resign or be deemed inactive, then the entire Honor Council is disbanded and a new election begins. It takes place in the Guild's public forum, where any member of the Guild can nominate someone, even themselves, to become the next Head of Honor Council. The nomination process will last several days, after which each of the nominees who have accepted their nomination are asked to present a "speech", or a "pitch" as to why they are a good fit for the role. Finally, after allowing only a couple days for these speeches, the Guild is asked to vote, and whichever candidate receives the most votes wins.

The Honor Council is also unique in that there is only one single requirement to be eligible as a candidate: You must be considered a full member of the Guild. That's it, that is the only requirement to nominate a candidate or to be nominated, even if you have only been in the Guild for a few weeks. No in-game achievements are required, and there is no time limit beyond the probationary period.


  • Only two people have been the Head of the Honor Council: Santa Ends and Prinessi.
  • A single election has been held in the Guild's history.
  • Prinessi is the longest-ever serving Head of any Honor Council across all Guilds.