Honor Council
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The Honor Council's favourite opening: The Barnes.
Council Information
Head of Honor Council Diapolo10
Number of Councilors 1
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The Chess Guild Honor Council, or simply just the "CH Honor Council", is the judicial body that governs and mediates disputes within the entirety of the Chess Guild. While the Guild Council serves as the day to day moderators, the Honor Council is responsible for making the final decision on all major breaches of ethics, through reference to the Clan Quest Canon of Ethics. This is the first iteration of an Honor Council whose Guild is based on a sport rather than a videogame.


Head of Honor Council

In the structure of the Honor Council, the "Head of Honor Council" is the de facto leader of the Council who is elected by popular vote and responsible for selecting every other member who will serve on the Honor Council for their tenure. The Head of Honor Council is thus provided a lot of responsibility and is afforded a considerable amount of respect by both the members of the Guild and the Honor Council, but in practice the Head of Honor Council holds no additional practical powers than any other member of the Council. The only instance where a Head of Council can hold the position without being elected by the guild members is when the Guild application is posted.

General Honor Councilors

"General Honor Councilors" is an unofficial term that refers to every member of an Honor Council that is not the Head. "General" Honor Councilors are selected by the Head within 72 hours of their being elected, and are locked in until the next Honor Council election. Should any single member of the Honor Council resign, or be proved inactive, the entire Honor Council is removed to be replaced. Every member of the Honor Council, including the Head, has an equal say in all of the Council's relevant business.


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The Honor Council currently consists of 1 member that is listed below:


The first Honor Council

(June 8th, 2021 - Present)
With the acceptance of the Chess Guild by the Clan Council, Diapolo10 became the first Head of Council, whose membership consists of himself as both Head and only councillor. An election will be held the day the Guild surpasses 50 members.