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April 2019
This person is such a noob, they had to be featured on the main page!
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Clan Quest
Joined Clan May 8th, 2018
Personal Info
Name Sin
Age 21
Sex Agender
Occupation Mechatronics student

Cabege is a recent member of Clan Quest who joined on the 8th of May 2018, sponsored by Shiro Shana. They started playing Runescape for the first time in 2005 sometime between the addition of Slayer and Farming skills, but has taken a long break until 2017 when they came back and started actively playing again, maxing out within a year. Cabege prefers afk skills and can often be found skilling while hardly paying attention to the game itself.

Due to mostly being afk, Cabege might not be the most active person in the clan chat, but they try their best to be as nice as possible to everyone when they talk. They prefer listening to what other people have to say and is much more talkative on Discord private messages. Cabege is always excited for clan events that focus on fun xp-wasting things since they remind them of their noob days, so they try their best to join those as much as possible.

Runescape Life

Noob years

Since Cabege first started playing Runescape at a young age, they didn't speak English much and so didn't know what was going on half the time. The open world with many things to do gave them inspiration to go out and explore and find things they enjoyed doing. They loved minigames and often tried to play them, especially Barbarian Assault, maxing out Healer and Collector roles over time.

Since they never enjoyed combat, their gear and combat skills were low, but that didn't matter to them. They focused on having fun which included growing strawberries, hunting birds, fishing rainbow fish and much more. The whole game was treated as a life adventure and it was a feeling that they long to recreate even to this day.

Returning to the game

Following up on a suggestion from a friend, Cabege logged back in to their account in 2016-2017 and started relearning the game. They weren't fully into it, so they simply ended up fishing monkfish for about a month and then dropping the game again temporarily. After some irl stuff that happened around Christmas 2017, they decided to get their mind off of things by buying membership for a year and getting back into the game properly, which led them to start training their skills properly and eventually look for a clan to join.

Current days

Surprisingly, Cabege hasn't lost their interest in Runescape even after actively playing for a year and reaching a lot of their goals. They still intend on making more goals and keep on playing in the background as they multitask by doing other things outside of the game. They're very excited over new updates and will find any reason to be positive over it so that their game experience is as good as it can be.

Runescape art


On March 16th, 2018, Cabege decided to challenge themselves and created a Tumblr blog for Runescape art. After many attempts at finding a username that isn't taken, they ended up going with brassica-prime, which is how they evolved into a cabbage-obsessed lunatic over time. They started out drawing simple drawings of their world guardian and characters they liked, but then started making tiny comics over various funny experiences while playing the game.


The Runescape comics started out as silly doodles, but eventually Cabege made a weekly schedule for when they upload the comics so that there's some organisation to it. Over time, the comics themselves have improved as Cabege got more comfortable drawing human characters and created a Twitter account (@brassica_prime) to post the comics to, meaning they had to make sure the comic layout isn't made for just one website. Eventually they even started to post them on Reddit under a new account named Cabege. With three whole places to post comics to, they had to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the comics and not miss out on any jokes due to different posting formats.

Other art

Occasionally Cabege posts random Runescape art that aren't comics. They're not usually meant to be jokes, but instead serve as a way for them to have fun and draw something else for a change. Some of that art takes days to make, but the outcome is worth it. Cabege wants there to be more Runescape art and hopes that eventually more artists will join over time, but until then they want to bring some life to the fandom with constant updates and art.