Clan Quest
Joined Clan October 2017
Gaming Info
Quest points

Personal Info
Name Diana
Age 24
Occupation QA tester, but not on the game you think
Location UK

Diana (a.k.a Di_Anima) as an RS3 community PMod who joined Clan Quest following RuneFest 2017. She has played RS3 since 2015 and has past history in 2005/6-scape. She is primarily a questing player and lorehound with particular soft spots for 2nd age, Mahjarrat, God and Elder God lore. She can regularly be found in the clan chat in-game and on Discord, and is a member of the RS3 Guild and Honour Councils, alongside being a semi-regular contributor of game reviews for the clan magazine.

Diana can be found snarking away on twitter when she’s supposed to be working. Feed highlights include far too many cat photos, the occasional sheep, and even occasional game progress updates.

Game History

Diana first ventured into the world of Gielinor along with what seemed like all of her year 6 classmates back in 2005/6, around the time of the release of hunting and construction. After drifting away when high school happened, Diana returned in March 2015, in time for the Tuska Comes world event. She has remained in-game for the surprisingly good 6th age storylines and the associated creative outlets they provide.

Following initial contacts with Kexy, Alaska, and Questcaping, Diana got to meet several clan members at RuneFest 2017 and joined Clan Quest soon after.

In December 2017, Questcaping won a Jagex-hosted competition to visit Abbey Road studios (for what turned out to be the recording of the new RuneScape soundtrack, released in September 2018) and very kindly invited Diana along for the ride. Following this, in which they enthused about possible future lore with Mod Meadows (including the very exciting plan to [REDACTED]) and introduced Mod Lord to Nando’s, they were both promoted to Community PMod. Since then, Diana has stolen lore from Jagex HQ several times.

After the release of the Quest Point Shop and its associated quest-boss armour, Diana finally white-knuckled her way through Endgame, punched Sliske in the face, and picked up her Quest Cape in October 2018.

At Runefest 2019, Diana maxed alongside Borosouro, knocking out 21 99s in one hit and generating a triumphant amount of spam.

Creative Things & Fanworks

Diana is primarily a lorehound and questing player, and has created fanmade content related to this.

Diana is a co-writer for the fanmade RuneScape webcomic ‘Senntisten’, which has been running since January 2018. The comic takes a selection of second age characters that are sadly a little neglected in canon and develops a story that builds upon the official lore. Diana has had particular fun developing and writing the main triad of characters – Palkeera, Trindine, and Sliske. Chapters of the webcomic are still being published, and are being worked on in between real life commitments. It can be found on twitter and on its own website.

She also occasionally writes Runescape fan-fiction (go on, laugh, get it over with) which she posts on her AO3 page.

Diana has had guest appearances on several episodes of the RSBandB podcast to discuss quest releases: