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January 2019
This person is such a noob, they had to be featured on the main page!
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Clan Quest
Joined Clan 31 October 2017
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December 2016
Quest Point Cape
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Age 20
Sex Male
Occupation Student (Computer Science)
Location United States

Borosouro (often referred to as Boro for short) is a relatively new member of the Questing Clan of RuneScape, having joined on Halloween of 2017. The name "Borosouro" was made up on a whim, being derived from the ancient Ouroboros symbol which depicts a serpent eating its own tail. On occasion, he will use other usernames also starting with "Boro", with previous names including "Borokalla" and "Borosnowy".

Adventures in Runescape

Early Years

Borosouro first started playing RuneScape in the summer of 2008, shortly after the release of RuneScape HD. As he was young at the time, he was very nooby and did not progress much in the game. He played in a somewhat on-and-off manner from then on, taking long breaks and creating a new account after each break. (Some of those breaks included playing games on FunOrb, which was popular among RuneScape players back then.) He liked to try to explore the game for himself and did not like using guides, which prevented him from getting very far on each account. Nonetheless, on one of his accounts, he managed to complete the One Small Favour quest with heavy assistance from the former QuestHelp system, all before the release of lodestones! However, over the years his interest in RuneScape would decline as he discovered other games, and his last account stopped playing in early 2012.

The Return

Although Borosouro thought he had moved past RuneScape after he had quit, he continued to have dreams about his fond memories of RuneScape for many years to come. In December of 2016, the weight of those memories had made its toll, and he decided to revisit RuneScape again for nostalgia's sake. This was when the account "Borosouro" was made. He originally planned to play just for a few months before going back to other games, but he quickly became much more engaged than expected, and made progress at a much faster rate than any of his previous accounts. He had loads of fun discovering everything that was new since he had last played, and was eager to try and complete as much of the game as he could. Less than a year after he had started playing, his enthusiasm for completing quests led him to Clan Quest when he was searching for a new clan. By then, he had earned 249 quest points and had a total level of 2077.

Joining the clan further encouraged Borosouro to continue his questing adventure, and he completed many important quests as a member of Clan Quest, including While Guthix Sleeps, The World Wakes, and Plague's End. He also was a regular participant in clan events, including the now-defunct C.O.R.E. events. November 2018 was a particularly significant month for Borosouro, as he managed to hit the 250m XP milestone on the 17th, just before the beginning of Double XP Weekend. During the weekend, he decided he would finish his remaining quests instead of skilling, and he completed 3 quests during the weekend, finishing with Sliske's Endgame. The following Monday came with the release of the 400th quest point, The Needle Skips, which he completed on release day. He finally claimed his quest point cape on the 23rd, which was broadcast to the whole clan.

On 14 January 2019, Borosouro was appointed to the Guild Council of RS3.

Current Endeavors

Now that he has claimed the quest point cape, Borosouro's major goal is to max. Currently, he has over level 90 in all skills but none at 99, and is aiming to hold a maxing party where he achieves level 99 in all skills in the span of a few minutes. In the meantime, he is working on various achievements in order to boost his RuneScore rank. For fun, he enjoys doing clue scrolls, customizing his character, and talking in the clan chat.

Other Games

Currently Borosouro does not play many other video games, as most of his free time is occupied with RuneScape. However, he enjoys difficult puzzle games, with his favorite being Stephen's Sausage Roll. He has even experimented with making his own puzzles in the past.


  • Borosouro is currently a follower of Saradomin, although he is sympathetic to other gods also.
  • Borosouro's favorite minigame is Conquest.
  • Borosouro's favorite quest is Ritual of the Mahjarrat.
  • Borosouro's favorite quest NPC is Cyrisus.
  • Borosouro completed the entire Elemental Workshop series without a guide. (Except for the very beginning of IV, where he got confused by how to make the key to quest area. But that wasn't part of the main set of puzzles, so he arbitrarily excludes that.)
  • Borosouro currently has the best player-owned house in the entirety of Clan Quest. The only one who has tried to contest this title is Questcaping, but an impartial judge determined Borosouro's house to be better. (Yes, this actually happened!)
  • Borosouro still holds out hope that Rite of Passage will be released some day.
  • Borosouro likes pointless trivia too much.