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October 2018
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RuneFest 2018

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Event Information
Date October 5-6, 2018
Venue Farnborough International Exhibition
Theme Relleka
Clan Quest
Number of attendees 15+
List of attendees Cireon
i Herblaw
Shiro Shana
Tyco elf
Ewe Logs
Choto 3000
Seb (Outside)

RuneFest 2018 is an upcoming event set to take place on October 5th and 6th, 2018, that members of Clan Quest intend to attend together. After a record breaking 15+ attendees in 2017, Clan Quest quickly went to work to organize the next event, and there are currently almost 20 Clan members expected to show up in London to meet, whether they are all attending RuneFest or not. RuneFest 2018 will also be the first official event to feature the brand new official Clan Quest branding, which will be seen on apparel worn by the attendees.


Unlike previous years, preparation for RuneFest 2018 began merely days after RuneFest 2017 ended, showing an enthusiasm for the event unlike anything seen in the past. Excitement for the event, and an eagerness to be a part of the next giant meetup, led to a lot of early interest, and the list of expected attendees quickly grew. As time went on, though, many people were forced to cancel due to monetary or scheduling reasons. A lot of work was done up to and throughout September 2018 to make official plans for the event, including activities before, during, and after RuneFest, a second Clan Quest HQ, setting up a Taxi service to move between the Hotel(s), the event, and general tourist destinations, and so on. Most prominent out of all the preparations, though, were those for the second year of official Clan apparel, which featured the Clan's new branding for the first time. It took several months to finalize the branding, which had been holding things up for the RuneFest preparation, but by September 17th everything had been ordered.