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Tyco elf (also known as "Tyco" and "The elven elfborne of the elves") is a member of the Guild Council of Runescape 3 in Clan Quest, the questing clan of Runescape. He is also a Content Editor of the offsite.

Joining the clan on the 19th of January 2016, his way of supporting the clan and its members made him early noticed by the members, especially by the Low and High Council of Clan Quest. On the 7th of August 2016 he was invited and accepted into the Low Council by Cireon and Meru in front of the Max Guild, Prifddinas. Almost 9 months later the at-the-time Head of the Low Council Sirapyro was invited to the High Council. Sirapyro accepted and a vote was held for the empty position left after him. On the 9th of May 2017 Tyco elf was promoted to Head of the Low Council. On the 12th of March 2018 a new constitution was ratified and both the Low Council and the High Council were merged into the Guild Council of Runescape 3. An election for a new head was held, which ended with Tyco elf being appointed as the Head of the Guild Council of Runescape 3, a position he held until he resigned on January 17th 2019. There was several reasons behind this, one of them being health issues related to the position.

In the world of Runescape Tyco elf is known as an elite adventurer who has acquired the Master Quest cape: an award for players who have completed every quests, post-quest rewards and mini-quests as well as have found a vast amount of lore from every corner of Runescape. Despite this achievement Tyco doesn't consider himself to be "A true lorehound" as there are many events before the 5th age he has yet to fully uncover. You can find him reading lore in his house (aka The Grand Library) located in Yanille from time to time, normally before embarking on a new quest. Specializing in exploration and problem-solving, he tries to see things from a neutral standpoint that are not affected by the view or feelings of both others and himself.

He has also made numerous appearances in the RSbandb Update podcast, talking about the numerous updates in Runescape 3. The podcast is lead by Shane12088 and supported by numerous members of the clan. He has also occasionally made appearances on RuneFest videos (2016 - 2018), on Runescape's official twitter and recruiting on Runescape 3's official Discord server.


What is described below is a summary of the history of Tyco elf. Chapters directly from his adventures can be read at The Sagas of Tyco elf.


Very little is knows about the origin of the elf known as Tyco. Elves, known for their gracefulness and their independence from humans made then very rarely seen outside of Tirannwn. The reason is believed to be the Song of Creation, a tie between the elves and their god Seren which gives them unnatural long life in return for a dependency to be in her presence, either in person or crystals. If away from her for too long the elves would become ill and feverish, eventually dying. Due to Tyco traveling the world without experiencing the symptom of the illness recorded by the elven clans, it is believed that the exposure to Seren affects even in tiny quantities of crystals. Another theory (although unproven) would be Tyco not having this dependency at all. Whether this will affect his lifespan is unknown.

What is known is that around year 160 of the 5th age, an young humanoid creature was spotted wandering the woods just outside of Rellekka by a young fremennik hunter. Never seen this type of creature before, the hunter ran back and reported this incident to Brundt, the chief of Rellekka. From the description given, the chief came to the conclusion that the creature was a dryad who had migrated from the south. As the fremenniks were very dependent on the resources given from the surrounding nature, a team of warriors and hunters was assembled to investigate whether the dryad was a threat to their community. For one entire day nothing was found and the warriors started to doubt the sighting of the dryad. Then on the second day, a hunter found tracks leading north. Finding the tracks to be the shape of a human foot but not having the same weight of one, the hunters could exclude the creature being a dryad although still uncertain of its identity.

The track went north towards the dead woodland area outside the entrance of Keldagrim. As the forest became thinner, a hunter shouted and pointed at something running past the trees northward. The team started running to not lose sight of the creature, which outran them. Picking up the trail again, it was discovered that the creature had suddenly turned west upon reaching the sea and turned towards the eastern wall of Rellekka, possibly infiltrating the village. A day's search in the village began, but without success. Whether the creature had managed to enter or not remained a mystery.

The Fremennik Way

A couple of days later a fremennik boatman departed to one of the neighbouring islands: Netiznot. Upon unloading the cargo upon arrival, something rushed out from the cargo area and knocked the boatman aside into the water. A guard standing on the top of a watchtower in the village witnessed this and rang a bell as the creature ran to the northern part of the island. A group of warriors, led by the village's leader Mawnis Burowgar, was assembled to investigate this. Heading in the same direction described by the watchtower guard, they encountered several aggressive trolls with small wounds on their shoulders and legs. Dispatching the threat, they reached the eastern shore of a half-island where several ice trolls were surrounding what they had been looking for. Mawnis recognized the creature as an elf: a tall, graceful humanoid with elongated ears from old tales from ancient times.

The elf stood on the edge of the shore, waving a worn crystal dagger to fend off any ice troll that came to close. Making a hasty move against an approaching troll child, a male troll swung his club and hit the elf in the hand. The crystal dagger flew off into the ocean, never to be seen again. Unable to dodge the following attack, the elf had no choice but to fall on his knees as the male troll raised his club to deal the finishing blow. A whirling sound was heard and the club fell into the ground as Mawnis had thrown his battleaxe into the back of the troll. A battle broke out between the trolls and the arriving fremenniks, with the later being victorious with no trolls surviving. Mawnis approached the elf, looking as it considered between swimming or staying on land. Chosing the later, the elf swiftly got up and aimed a fist against the big man in front of him. Mawnis easily blocked the fist with his own and knocked the elf unconscious with the other. After lifting the elf onto his shoulder, the elf was carried into the village.

The adventures begin.....

The Elf and the evil of Morytania

The Elf returns from his slumber (start of the 6th age, first clan)

The return home

The elf and the questing clan

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Tyco elf participated in RuneFest 2016 with a Quest cape and Hazelmere's hat.


Tyco elf participated in Runefest 2017, cosplaying as Hazelmere.


Tyco elf participated in RuneFest 2018, cosplaying as a fremennik adventurer wearing a Quest cape. He also hosted the Clan Quest HQ.

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