Potato, otherwise know as Idiotonastic, (Idiot on a stick), has been a member of Clan Quest since the 3rd of September 2015.

This individual was bought to the clan by their mother, Iskh, after leaving the PvM clan they ran to crumble to dust because of the obscene amount of drama that it contained.

Potatoes are generally relaxed and free spirited creatures who are more than happy to spend time teaching people what they can. If you want to learn a boss, not pro PiM learn a boss but just welfare it, potatoes are the best people to teach you.

Types of potatoes you might encounter:

  • PVM Potato: Watch out for this potato as it will try and drag you to bosses that you are woefully unprepared for, under the guise of a learning experience.
  • AFK Potato: This is the most common potato, normally receiving GWD1 drops.
  • Bank standing Potato: Probably the most sighted potato but not the most common, this potato has been know to chat to random people for hours at banks.
  • Quiet Potato: Do not poke the quiet potato, its probably trying to deal with its broken brain and lack of serotonin.
  • Happy Potato: This is a very rare kind of potato these days and should be treasured and encouraged.
  • Iron Potato: normally Iron-meme and doesn't speak much.