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Name Cameron
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So.. I'm starting a Wiki you guys. It's about me. Skeez.

Well I'll guess I'll start with how I first came upon the game of Runescape... I was young, back when Dragon Medium helm was the best helmet out. I was at a friend's house and saw him doing the tutorial island. At the time, I didn't know that was just the beginning. I just thought it was cool you could chop logs, make your own fire, and cook your own food. I thought the logic behind it was fascinating for a video game. So when I got home, I started an account and began playing. I remember being mid-30s and dying in Draynor Village chopping willows to those dark wizards there and losing my full adamant set basically. I was so upset as a kid lol. I remember being in school and the teacher (Geography class I think it was) was talking about locations and ores, she asked the class if anyone knew how bronze was made... I raised my hand and said tin and copper ore. I knew that from Runescape... and yes, I was right. So in a way, Runescape was teaching me when I was in the 7th grade, too. :P

I have a crazy sense of humor..

I also train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Legion Gym. I'm not very good. I get beat up the whole time basically lol. I'm a white belt. But it's fun and a great work out.

I guess I'll talk about some of my runescape achievements...

I have none. The End.

Naw I'm playin'!! Lmao!

On OSRS I got the Tangleroot "Groot" pet at level 27 farming off of an apple tree in the catherby patch... a friend saw it and pretty much told me i hit 1/200k odds or something wild. Fun fact: I didn't know about pets in the game, so i actually took off running thinking they brought tree ents back lol.

I did do Dragon Slayer 2 on Oldschool Runescape. I left Runescape 3 because I didn't like the new-school moves and how a lot of the skills that were supposedly "optional" in the beginning (Dungeoneering, summoning, looking at you) became "must-haves". Example: The chaotic blades that was Best in slot for a while, only accessible from dungeoneering. I didn't like that. Mainly because if I wanted to do dungeoneering, I'd go play World of Warcraft or something similiar. I just didn't like the new-aesthetics of the game I guess? I like the graphics, Just don't like the action-bars and the interfaces they have goin' on now. So I went to Old School. I started up and now I'm at almost a year, and my stats are pretty nice If I do say So myself... I have 99 atk/str/def/hp as well as 95 range and 91 mage, and 80 prayer as of the time of me writing this. I am a quest cape owner. I don't know I feel like I've put a good bit about me in this... Any questions reach out to me at any of my in-game usernames as listed above on the top right.

thanks and I'll leave this lil excerpt from an old post Draz had made years ago... The founding members where I was lucky enough to be apart of. Thanks to LovelyMortal my real-life friend Joseph who introduced me to Clan Quest back in 2009-10.