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Ozazoyo is a gamer who enjoys a wide variety of video games. He is a long time MMO player whose experience include 9Dragons, Jade Dynasty, Guild Wars 1 & 2, and Runescape to name a few. Another favorite genre of his is Stealth. He grew up playing masterpieces such as Splinter Cell 1, 2 and 3. These two particular genres taught him a great deal in life. Runescape, along with music, played a huge part in him learning English, and Stealth games taught him the importance of being patient, paying attention to details, and most importantly, to think before you do anything. Besides MMO's and Stealth games Oza loves loot based online games such as The Division, and old school platformers like Rayman and Crash Bandicoot, and every once in a while he unwinds and enjoys the occasional Point & Click game.

Origin of Name

The name Ozazoyo is not actually one that he came up with himself. It all began with one of his ancestors who lived in the village Zaz. Oza doesn’t know much about him and plans to find out more, but he knows he was a kind, and respected man. Once he moved away from the village, people would call him Ozazoyo where he went, which means “the man from Zaz” or “the Zazian"

Clan History

Oza has been a member of Clan quest since sometime near the end of 2015. During his, at the time, 11 years of playing he had never been part of a clan in Runescape. Before joining, he jumped from clan to clan trying to find the right one until finally ending up in Clan Quest. What Oza appreciates most about a guild in any game is having people to talk to while playing. Even in MMO’s, he mostly plays solo and does his own thing, but he puts great value in having an active chat and in Clan Quest, no matter what time of day he logs in, there is always some life in the chat.

Ozazoyo tries to contribute to the clan mainly by being an active member of the community, nowadays mostly by interacting with other members through discord. Recently he started contributing to the Questaholic by writing some articles about what he is passionate about, although he has always been very clear that it was just a one-time thing (yes I’m looking at you Choto1- icon biggrin.png). –*Ahem* sorry for breaking the 4th wall, anyways as I was sayi.. oh nvm this section is finished-


RuneScape History

Oza began his Runescape adventure in 2004. He had never heard of it or played it but everyone at school started talking about it every day. So to see what all the fuss was about, one day in fritids he decided to make an account and give it a try. The game was mind blowing and he fell in love with it. The fact that you could grab a pickaxe, go mine some ores and just turn that into a weapon was something he’d never seen in a game before. He played every day, working on his skills and doing quests. His favorite skills back in the day were mining & smithing and his favorite item was the mime outfit. When Oza was running out of money, his go-to money making method was mining 100 iron, 200 coal, smelting them into steel bars, smithing them into steel platelegs and then selling everything at Louie's Armoured Legs Bazaar in Al Kharid.

He went on playing for a good few years but sometime around the removal of Wilderness and trade limit update he quit. Partly because of playing other games more but also because of, well, Everyone quitting. The game he’d always loved had become a desolate ghost town filled with zombie bots everywhere. It was just too depressing going on a slayer task, finally seeing some other players and say “hi” only to realize that they were all wearing the exact same armor and were bots. So he put it on the shelf for a couple of years and then once in high school around 2010 he noticed some of his friend were playing RS in the school library. He thought it was kinda silly at first but eventually started playing again and became member for the first time, earning his first 99 in fletching. Since then he has earned the Quest Cape, done almost all tasks, and finally maxed on 21 May 2017.

Old School History

OSRS is something Oza admittedly didn’t used to take seriously for many years. When it was announced he couldn’t understand why people would play an older, and in his opinion at the time, inferior version of RS3. He has since then, mostly thanks to the Runescape Documentary, finally learned to see it from a different point of view and now has tremendous respect for the game. After that, Oza had long been on the fence when it came to playing OSRS because while he felt really nostalgic about it and was eager to give it a go, he simply couldn’t invest the time and energy to start from scratch after having invested nearly 14 years on his RS3 account. Later in 2018 however, after seeing fellow clan member Xil-Cam getting into OSRS and sharing his adventures with the clan, Oza finally got the motivation he needed to give it a go himself. Ozazoyo is currently serving as an OSRS Guild Councilor.