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Joined Clan 2nd of June 2011
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27th of June 2005
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Name Benjamin
Age 26
Sex Male
Occupation Bankstander
Location 日本
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UptheIrons05 is a long-standing member of Clan Quest, having first appeared as a guest, sometime before April 2011. The exact date is now lost to the sands of time. He officially joined the clan on the 2nd of June 2011, thanks to sponsorship by Sir MacSimus.


UptheIrons05 joined RuneScape on the 27th of June 2005, in an I.T class at primary school. Clan Quest Fun Fact: the 27th of January 2005 was also the release date of 'Recruitment Drive'. Little is known about his formative years on the game, other than that his upgrade to P2P started sometime before the Easter 2006 event. This membership has been without pause since then, and he is very happy about his grandfathered prices.

From 2005 to 2009, UptheIrons05 played RuneScape almost exclusively on the shared computer at home, making progress very slow. It was partially because of this time limitation on gameplay that led to his heavy focus on quests. Unfortunately in mid-2009, the home computer stopped being able to run RuneScape, and so began the first great disappearance.

It was not until early-to-mid-2010, after receiving his first laptop, that UptheIrons05 resumed his playing career. After a failed attempt to start his own clan (2 members), he searched the forums for a suitable one to join. It was whilst looking through the forums that he found a young but established Clan Quest and immediately joined as a guest. For unknown reasons that would continue to shake the clan to it's core for over a decade, he was accepted into the fold.

On the 1st of October 2021, UptheIrons05 officially became the rival of Choto 3000 (the bronzed), by customising his appearance to full iron.

Milestones & Dates (If Known)

99s in Order

Thieving - 19th of February 2019
Archaeology - 6th of November 2020
Prayer - 16th of November 2020
Mining - 6th of January 2021
Smithing - 7th of January 2021
Magic - 26th of January 2021
Herblore - 19th of February 2021
Hunter - 20th of February 2021
Divination - 21th of February 2021
Farming - 12th of April 2021
Ranged - 22nd of April 2021
Cooking - 27th of April 2021
Summoning - 3rd of May 2021
Dungeoneering - 5th of May 2021
Agility - 8th of May 2021
Fletching - 11th of May 2021
Fishing - 18th of May 2021
Crafting - 4th of June 2021
Construction - 4th of June 2021
Invention - 4th of June 2021
Runecrafting - 4th of June 2021
Necromancy - 17th of August 2023


Archaeology - 8th of August 2021
Invention - 19th of September 2021
Herblore - 8th of November 2021
Farming - 23rd of January 2022
Dungeoneering - 24th of February 2022
Slayer - 24th of February 2022
Necromancy - 28th of August 2023


Quest Cape - First Claimed on the 28th of October 2018
Max Cape - First Claimed on the 4th of June 2021

RuneScape Favourites

Clan - Clan Quest
Quest - You Are It (on day of release)
Quest Series - Dorgeshuun
Skill - Archaeology
Old Runescape Memory - Playing pest control with a granite maul or chasing Zezima through the Barbarian Village

Clan Events

The Purple Hood Inn

Clan Quest Pub Quiz

On the 12th of December 2021, UptheIrons05 hosted his first ever clan event, a mere 10.5 years after joining. As a part of Advent Calendar 2021, the aim of the quiz was to have fun and raise money for charity. The first pub quiz at the Purple Hood Inn featured 4 rounds of 10 questions each. The highlight of the quiz was the surprise bonus question which asked the participants to identify the skilling pet that Choto 3000 failed to destroy in another advent event. UptheIrons05 is happy to note that, out of annoyance, Choto abstained from answering the question which cost him 2 valuable points.

1st Place: Derparnieux: Prize - 100M GP
2nd Place: Spy Whoman: Prize - 25M GP
3rd Place: LukeTotodile: Prize - 5M GP

Clan Quest Pub Quiz 2: Dumb & Dumber

Forgot to record the information about this. Oh well, Choto still didn't win...


Random Facts

  • Drinks >4 cups of tea (preferably Yorkshire/Yorkshire Gold) every day, and has done for ~18 years. This comes to about 26,000 cups of tea and counting.
  • Has a Master's Degree in Astrophysics.
  • 日本語上手

Favourite Topics of Conversation

  • Food
  • Tea
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Japan
  • Food
  • Beer
  • One Piece
  • Food


Alatar Gallery 001.png
Part 1 of Denniz and UptheIrons05's RNG entanglement
Alatar Gallery 002.png
Part 2 of Denniz and UptheIrons05's RNG entanglement
Alatar Gallery 003.png
Special thanks to LukeTotodile and Blcknexaken for celebrating my entrance to the Max Guild!