Hoods folks! On the 12th day of Advent we were treated to our very own Clan Quest Pub Quiz, hosted by Uptheirons05 at our very own Purple Hood Inn!


With 4 rounds of 10 questions, there was all to play for: monetary prizes, the glory.... and beating Choto3000.

The questions were a mix of Runescape knowledge and general knowledge, so a clannie well informed of events in-game and IRL were best poised to win points. But there were bonus points to win as well that could make all the difference. Conversely, if you answered with a meme on a few select answers you risked a point being deducted too (naturally this was a secret known only to the Quiz Master so terrible clannies could suffer the consequences).

Even your choice in drink that you had brought to the pub quiz risked the addition or deduction of a point, so best hope you chose something delicious!

The participants of the quiz did their very best, but only three could take home a prize.

The results were as follows;

First place: Derp, with 46 points Second place: Spy-Whoman, with 44 points Third place: Lockjaw/Luke, with 42 points


A big round of applause to everyone who took part, and a massive thank you to our Pub Quiz master, Uptheirons05!

Irons made a promise that he would make a donation matching the average amount of points accrued during the quiz, which turned out to be £36.30, although he revealed he'd accidentally got his conversions wrong and very generously donated £42.98 instead.

Oh, what's that? A live correction from Irons, his conversions were just fine, but extenuating circumstances led to a larger donation. All to a good cause though!

This wasn't just a Pub Quiz though... this was a Pub Quiz being held on our very own Questcaping's 25th birthday! Happy birthday Fenn!

I think it's safe to say that the Pub Quiz was a roaring success, and I hope you all enjoyed it. Unshood for now, and keep an ear to the ground for future possible Pub Quizzes which may be held! Unshood!

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