Time: 10 December 2021, 2300 game time

Location: World 346, Outside Lumbridge castle

Items required: None

Rules: You can bring teleports and use stamina/energy potions.

See you there!





3.5m OSRS GP was given away, thank you to all who came :)

Delenda found me in troll stronghold, but gave the reward to random noobs :)

Advent 2021 Day 10 001.png

Temple of Ikov

Advent 2021 Day 10 002.png

Ellok found me!

Advent 2021 Day 10 003.png

Showing Ellok the boots of lightness

Advent 2021 Day 10 004.png

Alaska found me at gnome stronghold!

Advent 2021 Day 10 005.png

We went to the catapult at the outpost!

Advent 2021 Day 10 006.png

Ellok showing 117's RS HD plugin and also the snow override.

Advent 2021 Day 10 007.png

Ellok discovers Sir Renitee and his family crests.

Advent 2021 Day 10 008.png

Advent 2021 Day 10 009.png

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