If you've ever played Taboo it's basically that, but RuneScape themed. Cards can be items, NPCs, locations, or anything else RuneScape related. The words are things any RS player would know about, but the challenge is getting your team to guess it without you saying the related words. So, for example, if the card is "Bronze bar", you need to avoid words like, "tin", "copper", or "Choto". Sounds good, eh?

Join us in the #events voice channel on December 21, 10pm GMT!

Unspeakable Fun Was Had

Four of our Clanmates joined us for the event: three from RS3 and one from OSRS.

Playing for Team Zamorak were Santa and Irons, and for Team Saradomin Miss Alaska and Nate put up a valiant fight.

All players gave some great clues. Laughs were had when Santa guessed "onyx", followed by "shiny onyx".

Nate was disappointed to find that none of the cards mentioned Anchovy Pizza. At least he taught us that everyone with the name "Pete" are brothers, apparently.

Irons gave some great clues for "Twisted Bow" despite not knowing what it was, though Santa still couldn't figure it out in time, even as the only OSRS player.

Alaska was lucky enough to be given cards for "Cave Horror" and "Black Mask" at the same time, but couldn't get Nate to guess either.

And can anyone guess what the "Run far fast drink" is?

In the end Team Saradomin came out victorious with a score of 24 to 18, despite both team members being RS3 players. Impressive!

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