The Big Ramsay Debacle was a highlight of the Advent Calendar 2021 in which Choto 3000 failed at his one job of destroying all of his RuneScape 3 pet items.


In 2015, the developers of RuneScape 3 added pet items to the drop tables of all then-existing boss monsters in the game. Upon killing a boss, a player would have a very low chance of obtaining the pet item for that boss, which could then be activated to unlock the pet as a follower. In 2016, similar pets were added to all then-existing skills in the game. From then on, pets would be regularly added to many in-game activities.

For reasons best-known only to himself, Choto 3000 disapproved of this decision, and refused to activate any pet items he obtained, instead storing them in his bank to be destroyed when he had collected the complete set. By December 2021 he had collected a total of 19 pets: fifteen skilling pets, three boss pets, and one pet from a Slayer monster.

The Incident

As part of the Advent Calendar 2021, Choto agreed to bump up his schedule and destroy his accumulated pets on a livestream. The Skilling Pet Apocalypse was set for the fifth day of Advent, and Choto began on-time, streaming live over YouTube.

Unfortunately, due to a careless click, Choto accidentally unlocked Ramsay, the pet for the Cooking skill, instead of destroying it. The moment occurs at 8:18 in the video below:



The incident immediately became a clan meme, and members continue to tease Choto about it to this day. The most notable iteration of this meme came from UpTheIrons05, who commissioned a piece of art from Questcaping to commemorate the event: