Closing words

Twenty-five days. That is how long our Clan Quest Advent Calendar lasts. Twenty-five days we had to fill with content from across the clan. There was never a doubt in our minds we would succeed at that, and we did. Fifteen different contributors helped us provide variety daily content throughout this month. Behind the scenes, much hard work was done to achieve this, and for that, many thanks go out to all of you.

The Advent Calendar is the culmination of all the talents in our clan, and on top of taking pride and enjoyment out of sharing, we use this as an opportunity to give back as well. This year, we raised money for charity: water. At the time of writing, we raised nearly $800. Money that will change lives for people across the world. The campaign will remain open for donations until the end of the year, so if you have any money to spare, please consider leaving a small contribution, or share the advent calendar with others.

Looking back at all the entries, we are incredibly proud of what we - as a clan - have created over the past month. While only a recently introduced tradition, it is already the thing we look forward to most. Below, we are sharing with you the big highlight of the year, a true text-based game for you to play through this Christmas - we are Clan Quest after all! This is not quite the end of this year's calendar though. As we have reached the $750 milestone, we will be sharing all the cook-off recipes, and we have one last video entry left in store for you to enjoy. Of course, the campaign will continue to accept donations as well until the start of next year.

The entire Advent Team wishes you all Merry Christmas, a Happy 2022, and many more creative exploits and other efforts.

The Advent Team
Choto 3000, Cireon, Darkestnight, Questcaping, Shane, Xurdones.

The Christmas Seed: A Quest for Water

Questcaping here! As one final gift, I've gone and made you all a text-based game!

Featuring Christmas, robots, water (donate to charity: water!) and a few sneaky and not-so-sneaky references to Clan Quest and the games we love.

Play it through from start to finish here on the Clan Quest website. Enjoy!

Play now!

charity: water

This year we are raising money for charity: water. You can donate directly through our campaign page. If you want to show your appreciation to our streamers, make sure you donate during their streams, as they'll be keeping an eye on incoming donations and reading out donation messages! We also have goals and incentives to hit during the month of December, so keep an eye out for those as well.

charity: water is a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. 100% of donations made to charity: water go straight to the sustainable water projects. The work is incredibly important as nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide still do not have access to reliable sources of clean water. Access to clean water improves health, increases access to food, grows local economies, and helps kids spend more time in school. Since 2016, charity: water has funded almost 79,136 water projects (as of October 2021) across 29 countries, serving more than 13.2 million people. We at Clan Quest are proud to help raise money for this amazing cause, and if you like what we're doing with this Advent Calendar, please consider contributing today. Every donation helps.

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