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December is upon us, and we're bringing back the Advent Calendar which was a massive success last year, raising over $1000 for charity! As of today, you can check the overview page of this year's advent calendar to see some of the things we have in store, but you will also find that many days still hold surprises. It wouldn't be an Advent Calendar without it!

There are also still plenty of open slots, and since this is a calendar for all of Clan Quest, we would love your contributions as well, so reach out to the Advent Team if you want to contribute an article, some art, a video, or something else entirely. If you have a reward or incentive you want to offer for our donation page, reach out to the Advent Team on Discord as well!

charity: water

This year we are raising money for charity: water. You can donate directly through our campaign page. If you want to show your appreciation to our streamers, make sure you donate during their streams, as they'll be keeping an eye on incoming donations and reading out donation messages! We also have goals and incentives to hit during the month of December, so keep an eye out for those as well.

charity: water is a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. 100% of donations made to charity: water go straight to the sustainable water projects. The work is incredibly important as nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide still do not have access to reliable sources of clean water. Access to clean water improves health, increases access to food, grows local economies, and helps kids spend more time in school. Since 2016, charity: water has funded almost 79,136 water projects (as of October 2021) across 29 countries, serving more than 13.2 million people. We at Clan Quest are proud to help raise money for this amazing cause, and if you like what we're doing with this Advent Calendar, please consider contributing today. Every donation helps.

Donate now!

Schedule highlights

The overview page shows the latest on our schedule, but there are a few highlights we are especially excited about, so make sure to note these down in your calendar so you don't miss them!

  • We start off strong with Cireon bringing back the Ocarina of Time Randomizer, this time with the donors in control, on December 4.
  • Choto's skilling pets only have a few more days to live, as on December 5, he is destroying them all for charity. Hit $300 before the stream, and he'll add in the bossing pets too!
  • Nuzlockes are great and all, but Cyan R came up with a special Christmaslocke ruleset that he'll be showing off on December 11.
  • Bring your trivia hat, because on December 12, Up The Irons is hosting a real Clan Quest Pub Quiz in our Discord!

We also have some Star Trek Online and groupquesting content lined up for later this month, and we'll add those dates to the calendar once we have them confirmed.

Christmas Cook-off

As a special treat, today we announce the participants to the Christmas Cook-off and what they'll be cooking. The focus this month is to show you festive dishes from all around the world, representing the global community of our clan. You can find the list below:

  • Alaska - Christmas Cake (England)
  • Cireon - Latkes (Israel)
  • Choto - Stollen (Germany)
  • Diana - Bûche de Noël (France)
  • Darkestnight - Babka (Poland & Ukraine)
  • Fenn - Russian Tea Cake (United States)
  • Spy-Whoman -Jansson’s Temptation (Sweden)
  • Uptheirons05 - Kabocha Soup (Japan)
  • Tim_ - Doro Wat (Ethiopia)
  • Xurdones - Chocolate Rum Balls (Jamaica)

The results will be shared towards the end of the Advent Calendar, so make sure to cheer them on throughout the month!