RuneFest 2017

Runefest 2017 logo.png

Event Information
Date September 23, 2017
Venue Battersea Evolution
Theme "Back to our roots"
Clan Quest
Number of attendees 15+
List of attendees Draziw
Sethron 666
Tyco Elf
Santa Ends
Xenon Ray
Kexy Kewl
Ewe Logs

In 2017, a record number of Clan Quest members attended RuneFest. Given that the event was hosted in London, England, having attendees travel from various countries including the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Singapore made the large number that more impressive. Attendees included founders, leaders, officers, and general members from all over the world and this particular Runefest was the first in the clan's history where they rented a shared house to serve as the clan's "headquarters" during everyones stay in London. Because there were so many expected clan participants, efforts were made to obtain branded clothing, and it was the first year that Clan Questers represented the clan at the event in a designated uniform.


With a 15+ clan members attending, preparation for RuneFest 2017 was taken very seriously.

A plan was made to allow attending members to buy t-shirts and/or hoodies with the clan logo on. Since no agreement on the design could be reached before the required timeline, that plan was dropped. However, Draziw then arranged for t-shirts and/or hoodies for most attendees, plus spares to be given to select JMods.

To lighten the financial burden for attending members, especially those travelling from far, shared accommodation was arranged for some people. Most notably, Clan Quest HQ was established within walking distance of the venue and acted as base of operations for clan members during the RuneFest weekend. With a living room, full kitchen, and multiple bedrooms, clan members were able to stay at the HQ and treat it as the clan's base of operations not only for the RuneFest event, but for much of the days before and after.

Before RuneFest

Most clan members arrived during the Thursday and Friday before RuneFest. Thursday afternoon, several clan members went to Five Guys to make up for the lost fries of RuneFest 2016.

On Friday, after lunch at Persian Palace in Ealing, members started assembling at Clan Quest HQ, with t-shirts being distributed to clan members. From there, most of the clan went to a different AirBNB location where the International Dinner was held. Several clan members brought food - usually from their home country. There was for example salmon, haggis, fairy bread, and liquorice.

After the international dinner, most members stayed behind to continue hanging out, while Cireon, Draziw, iHerblaw, and Sethron 666 went to "The Night Before". Here they recruited Mod Full Hands on arrival, and met with both Kexy Kewl and Ewe Logs. Also, Draziw won a bowling game between Draziw, Sethron, and Cireon.

Almost the entire clan delegation assembled on Saturday morning for an English breakfast, after which they collectively went to RuneFest.

At RuneFest

During RuneFest, Clan Quest was able to recruit several JMods to Clan Quest. During their hunt for skill chips, several JMods were approached and asked to join the clan. Mod Full Hands was given his Clan Quest shirt, Mod Reese joined after much convincing, and Mod Natalie also accepted the clan position. A small delegation of Clan Questers met with the Gower brothers and took a picture with them while Andrew Gower was wearing the clan t-shirt. Mod Raven also accepted to join Clan Quest after the lore talk.

Clan Quest collectively attended the RuneScape Reveals talk, and most members attended the lore marathon, at which the glory and might of Brassica Prime failed to be denied by the attending JMods.

After the achievement party, N ub cake and Questcaping were promoted to Low Council in the first ever real-life Low Council promotion ceremony, led by Cireon, and attended by Sethron 666, Draziw, Protoman807, Xenon Ray, Tyco Elf, Santa Ends, Symun, and kebabthief.

Most members left after the balloon drop, leaving to discuss clan business at Clan Quest HQ before heading home.

After RuneFest

Preparation for RuneFest 2018 began almost immediately after the Clan's participants got home, and within a week multiple people were already planning their next visit. During a discussion at the event, the idea was hatched for a new series of events, under the label "C.O.R.E.". Efforts were taken to implement the C.O.R.E. Events system in the weeks following RuneFest, and though a few were held, a lack of ingame interest in events ultimately resulted in its long term neglect. Everyone who attended the event took their shirts home, and some have gone on to be seen in various different video mediums, such as video episodes of the RSBandB Podcast. Several new members applied to the Questing Clan of RuneScape after meeting its members at the event, many of whom also expressed their interest in attending the event with the Guild again the following year.