RuneFest 2016

Runefest 2016 logo.png

Event Information
Date September 17, 2016
Venue Battersea Evolution
Theme Eastern Lands
Clan Quest
Number of attendees 6
List of attendees Draziw
i Herblaw
Tyco Elf
Vodka B
Ewe Logs

Six members of Clan Quest attended Runefest in 2016, after a months long process of preparation and anticipation, and in many ways the success of this event was a precursor to Clan Quest's wildly successful Runefest 2017. Members of both the High and Low Councils attended, along with general members of the Clan.


After a successful Runefest 2015, preparation for the 2016 event began in March and it quickly saw a handful of people create "safekeeps" to plan their journey to the event, but many of them did not pan out. Cireon made efforts to gather interest on Clan Quest apparrel, such as T-Shirts or hoodies, but due to the fact that he was unable to attend that year the shirts never happened (at least until the next years Runefest). The event date announcement ultimately barred many members of the Clan from attending, largely due to scheduling conflicts and monetary restraints (other ongoing events in London at the time caused hotel prices to raise considerably). By August, when the schedule was being prepared by Tyco Elf, the attendance list had more or less been determined, and it included Tyco himself, Draziw, Vodka B, Protoman807, and User:i Herblaw. Ewe Logs also attended the event, but his name did not appear on many of the original attendance lists.

Before Runefest

Due to some of the scheduling conflicts caused by the events date, many attendees didn't arrive in time for the "Night Before" party, so there was ultimately very little done in the days before the event. Those who did arrive, however, did meet up for a breakfast on the day of the event, and they generally spent most of the day together.

At Runefest

Half of Clan Quest's attendees ended up arriving in cosplay, and so a good portion of the event was spent participating in various cosplay-related events, such as a contest in which both Tyco Elf and Vodka B partook. Livestreams of the event, being watched by members of the Clan who could not attend, opened a doorway into the event, and even featured "cameos" by some of Clan Quest's own attendees! The event was celebrating the games 15th birthday, and so the Clan Quest attendees honored that by presenting prominent lore-writer for the game Mod Osborne with gifts and a personal message thanking him for his contribution to RuneScape questing. Finally, Clan Quest's attendees immortalized their time at the event by signing a general-attendance poster, signed by anyone who'd participate at the event, and managed to dedicate a large section in the corner with the text "Clan Quest!"

After Runefest

The Questing Clan of RuneScape received multiple applications for membership following RuneFest, due in part to not-so-subtle self promotion done during the event, and even received some Jagex recognition both in videos, and in a Twitter post sent out by Mod Osborne, thanking the attendees for the message and gift they had presented him with. Most of the information on the event was posted on a forum thread by Tyco Elf, who also documented much of his time in London in a video series uploaded to YouTube. Preparation for the following years event would not begin until May 2017, though it would be a big one.