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Choto 3000
June, 2007
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Choto 3000
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September 12 2017 22:14 UTC

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Hey there, I'm Choto, Clan Councillor, current Head of the Pigeon Council and Chess Guild Councilor; former Content Editor, Head of the Hoodian Council, Head of the Old School Guild Council, RuneScape Guild Councillor and RuneScape Honor Councillor. I joined the clan in June 2015, after being invited by Miss Alaska, although I became fairly active in 2016. The name "Choto" stands for something broken or of bad quality, because the account's sole purpose was to beg for money in the Grand Exchange of RuneScape. For the same reason, I've had a long-standing commitment with Bronze equipment.

Irons wrote

On the 13th of December 2021, Choto publicly admitted that he is an idiot. Exactly two months later, Choto was promoted and the next stage of his nefarious plan to bring the clan burning to the ground will soon begin.


RuneScape History

The "beg"inning

A long-time friend of mine was the player who introduced me to the game, in mid 2007. RuneScape had grown in popularity in South America since mid 2006. My first account was named Wiliamwalace, as I had been playing Age of Empires II for too long. At that time, rumour had it that if you died 3 times in-game, your account would be deleted. That's why, after being killed by a Higwayman, that account was abandoned and Choto 3000 was born. (Fun fact: The account had less than 3 deaths by 2013). As stated above, the account's purpose was to beg for money in the Grand Exchange. But that gets really boring really fast, so a new objective arised: To explore everything, to unlock all music tracks and to complete all quests. In f2p. Of course. In any case, by 2009, I got bored and quit the game. It wouldn't be until 2013 and 'The World Wakes' that I'd come back.

Ironman mode and Rusted Iron

In October 2014, the Ironman mode was released. By November, I had created an account, named Kaiser Zose, which is still active to this day (kinda not really). During this time I had my first approach to clans and friend chats, and was invited by Rustee and Steelatus, two veteran players, to join one of the first Ironman clans, Rusted Iron, where he quickly got involved into the development of the iron community. But the most influencial group I became part of is F2pIronmanFC, nowadays the largest Free-to-Play ironman hub. The founder of the Friends Chat is Arbre de Vie, mostly known from her main account Treemaid. (Fun fact: Clan Quest member Rownak7 was part of F2pIronmanFC as well, but not him or myself would realize we had been sharing both spaces until 2017)


In 2015, my group of friends and I founded Runesporring, a community oriented clan. Unfortunately, even as it showed a sudden peak of so-called popularity, the project ended in failure and the group disbanded. My time there ended when I left for The Questing Clan of RuneScape.

Finding a home

Now with brand-new membership, and with tons of quests to do, I would eventually find a thread about a questing clan, where the community goals were everything I had been asking for. I applied in T-8 (?), was accepted as a recruit, invited by Miss Alaska and (almost) scared away by Quest Kitty. During my June 28, 2015 06:11 GMT as a clanmember, I have managed to become a worse player than I used to be.

The infamous no-pets policy

I have always been rightfully labelled as a hoarder. My bank is always completely filled with junk, mainly due to the fact that I've never discarded a quest item. Lost in that black hole, there were a few rare items, namely skilling and boss pets. When I received my first pet I clearly stated that my ultimate goal would be to collect, and subsequently destroy them all in a livestream.

On the 5th of December 2021, during a charity livestream for Advent 2021, I destroyed the following pets, and also failed to destroy Ramsay, the cooking pet.

Congratulations choto.jpg
UpTheIrons honoured my stupidity with this gift

Skilling pets:

Boss pets:
K'ril Tsutsaroth (157 kc)
King Black Dragon (500kc)
Nex (36kc [Death touched dart])

Clan Quest

Now, everybody knows Clan Quest ain't just about RuneScape. With the implementation of the 2018 Constitution, the Clan has evolved into a much, much bigger organization. It is however to be noted that, the Clan was still just a RuneScape community by the time I joined. During my first months as a brand-new clanmember, I remained fairly quiet, nearly not paying attention to the offsite and not mingling with other people. As people like Sira, Draz, Shane, Tyco, Santa, Were, Derp, Shiro, Earth, Cireon (who still owes to announce the winner of the 2017 Vex Competition [And I'm editing this in 2023]), and oh God so many others, can testify, I'd quickly become The Spam Man. It is not certain if the now defunct Discord role @Spam was put in place because I was being a pain in the ass, but I'd certainly be honoured if that was the case.

Recruitment Razzer (2016 - 2017)

The Razzers was the first group I ever applied to. Irene Angel was the Head of the Razzers back in 2016, and I was formally invited in September 24. Together with Wolffi, the group was featured in the November 2016 issue of Questaholic. At some point which can't be remembered as of today, Irene resigned or went M.I.A, and the group was taken under the wing of Tyco Elf. I was (self)appointed as the Unofficial Head Assistant for the Interin Head of the Razzers, marking a precedent for my obsession with creating memethic positions to have fun. Ultimately, the Razzers were disbanded as new policies were put in place.

Questaholic Editor (2016 - 2021)

The Questaholic Editors group was conformed by those who took part in the release of the monthly Clan Quest magazine, the Questaholic. I applied to become one of them, and was welcomed by the group's leader and most influential editor since the rebirth of the magazine, Santa Ends. After the 'colos and usergroups' rework, the group became known as the Content Editors. As time passed, Santa became less and less available to head the group, and I ended up taking his place in late 2017. I would be Editor in Chef (again with the memethic roles) for around 2 years, until my resignation in January 2019, but then came back, went inactive again, came back once more and released the two last Questaholic issues ever (until Xurdones' arrival in 2022) . I was retired as Editor when the group was disbanded in February 2021.

Low Councillor (2016 - 2020)

It was agreed that Xenon Ray and myself would be promoted to the Low Council on the Clan's anniversary, but as that couldn't be done because the planet is too big and Xenon was surely sleeping, I was invited to the Low Council on November 16, 2016, while Xenon was promoted on the 26th. In March 2018, the group was combined with the High Council and, together, would form the Guild Council. The new Council became the leading body of the RuneScape Guild, and its members consequently became the leaders. I would end up resigning all my positions, including that of RS3 Guild Councillor, in January 17, 2019, after an argument with Clan Councillor Draziw.

That wouldn't last very long though, as I applied for a reinstatement to the RS3 Council shortly afterwards. On April 27, 2019, Karen Angel resigned as Head of the Guild Council. Elections were in order, and both Draziw and myself would protagonize the first ever run-off in the history of the Guild. From that point onwards, my activity would slowly decrease, until reaching an all-time low by November 2020, when I resigned for the second time on the 13th of that month.

Non-Combat Marshall (2017)

In 2017, I organized an event called Noob Army vs. Wilderness. The objective of the event was to assemble a group of Clan Quest noobs to avenge past clanmembers' deaths by killing other players in the Wilderness. There were a series of rules, however, the most notable being that participants could only carry Bronze Equipment, or their equivalent for mages and rangers. In its two iterations, I aquired another meme role, that of Non-Combat Marshall (mainly because general allergy to combat), in reference to the real, very scary Combat Marshalls.

Hoodian Councillor (2018)

Talking about memethic groups, to which category the Hoodian Council does NOT belong, I kicked up the first ever election for the Supreme Leader of the Universe. (Not to be confused with Master of the Universe). The idea for such election arised because the first post-constitution Honor Council had just been chosen, and, unlike a serious and official election, this one was characterized by the promotion of fraud, bribery and other tipically illegal actions. With over 10,000,000 votes (Out of a Clan of 500 perople), I was chosen to lead the Council, which I did. For an hour. The Hoodian Faith is Clan Quest's non official religion. It was created by mistake when I tried to say 'good morning' and said 'hood morning' (it was a rough night). Santa Ends then popularized it and has become not only a form of greeting, but a true faith with true followers. Anyway...just read more about it on it's dedicated page.

Honor Councillor (2018)

On September 2018, Derparnieux invited me to join both Wolffi and himself in the RuneScape Guild's Honor Council. By the end of that year, I became one of the most prominent rank whore, because I held the positions of Editor, Moderator, Guild Councillor for RS3 and OSRS, and now Honor Councillor. On January 10, 2019, Derparnieux resigned as Head of Council, and the group disbanded.

Server Moderator (2018)

Choto doesn't remember when he was promoted to Moderator. Choto doesn't know why he's talking like Potart.

Old School Guild Councillor (2018)

Shortly after being promoted to Moderator, I fucked up with the permissions (classic), and posted something where it wasn't meant to be posted. Draziw 's yelling ensued, and then swiftly proceeded to help me revitalize the inactive OSRS Guild Council, where I was elected (I actually got the job because no one wanted it) as Head of the group on the same day. With the help of fellow clanmembers Draziw (who was still yelling), Grilled Cheese, Santa, Prin, and Sugam, several main goals were accomplished: To update the OSRS wikipages, to establish a durable recruitment proccess, to install a strong Council, and to reach 50 members. Per the Constitution, when a Guild reaches 50 members, an Honour Council election must be held. This election, which had been one of the top priorities, ended up bringing forward some Clan drama (it had to happen at some point, right?). As you might've read somewhere by now, this is the moment I got into a fight with Draz, but this time, not a friendly one. I resigned to all my positions and created months of bitterness unhappiness between myself and other members, many of whom had been long-time friends.

Supreme Overlord of the Pigeon Council (2021 - Current)

After my hard-earned 4th place in Questchamps 1, alongside part of the Dutch Delegation (Shiro, Derp, Sluyur), and Dia, we founded the Chess Guild. The Head of the Chess Guild Council, Derparnieux, appointed me as Head of the Pigeon Council, yet another memethic group, because I likes the Bird's opening, one of the most useless chess openings.

Server Moderator (2021 - 2022)

I was reinstated as server moderator in June 2021 to keep Xenon and Earth in check.

Chess Guild Councilor (2021 - Current)

After having been pestered by Derparnieux and Shiro Shana for a month, I accepted a place in the Chess Guild Council. The Pigeon has laid its egg!

RuneScape Guild Councilor (2021 - 2022)

On September 15, 2021, I re-reapplied to the RS3 Guild Council. I then became the first member to have been reinstated to that body twice, but ended up resigning yet again on February 23, 2022, when I decided I wouldn't renew my membership in the forseable future.

Clan Councilor (2022 - Current)

During the 2022 State of the Union meeting, Earth announced that the Clan Council had unanimously voted to finally ban me from Clan Quest and there was much rejoicing. However, after stating it was a joke, Earth actually offered me a position in the Clan Council. I hold the title of first member to be promoted to that position, and yes, I'm very proud of it. I already had a big ego, so don't act all surprised there.


Part of my job has always been to feel important, hence the 'legacy' title. Now that we have that cleared up, I'll let you know that I proudly championed the (re)installment of the RAWR Awards system. These awards had the ultimate goal of offering a platform for every clan member to nominate others for good actions towards the community. As of August 2017, the RAWR Awards had a spot on the monthly magazine, the Questaholic. You can check the now defunct nominations thread here.

Affiliations to other groups

The Pawfia

The Pawfia is a criminal organization run by the fuzzy kind. Its leader, Quest Kitty, has tried by all means to bring me on board, even if I'm not fuzzy at all. I claim not to be a member of the Pawfia, but Kitty keeps saying I am.

Sirapyro's Fan Club

Clan Councillor Sirapyro has been my mentor for November 16, 2016 00:00 GMT. Sira was the Head of Low Council when I was promoted to that group, as well as a driving force in the Editor's group during my tenure as Editor in Chef. Not only has Sira been ever-patient, ever-teaching, ever-awesome, but is also the creator of Spiffy McSpoffinberg, a character towards whom I has a very unhealthy addiction. If you ever see this, Sira, you're one of the best people I have ever met in my entire life.

The Shrine

There is a well-spread rumour in Clan Quest: The fact that I have a shrine dedicated to Spiffy and Sira. Well, guess what. It's partially true. I don't have a Shrine tm, but I do have an array of pictures fit for such a cult. Some of those pictures have been lost due to a broken HDD. The following pictures are just a fraction of them, otherwise, Sira might actually kill me this time:

Other games

Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV (EU4), is one of Paradox's grand-strategy games, and a personal favourite. I share the enthusiasm with Slayer, Cory, Popao, Delenda and Sira. Over the course of my ~1100 hours of gameplay, I have completed numerous difficult achievements:


Left to right, top to bottom:

Auld Alliance Reversed (As Scotland, have France as a vassal)

Historical context: The Auld Alliance (Old Alliance, quite literally), was a pact between the Kingdoms of France and Scotland with the purpose to control England's never-ending desire for land. The achievement has quite a degree of difficulty, mainly because you will need to kill England first, and then go after Baguette, which, if left unchecked, can become an incredibly powerful foe. Fun fact: The Holy Roman Empire elected me (Scotland) as Emperor, in that campaign. Completion rate: 1.0% of all players.

Forever Golden (Complete the Spanish mission tree)

Historical context: Several nations in EU4 have unique mission trees, which are basically objectives based on actual history. The spanish tree mainly revolves on uniting the Iberian peninsula under your rule, colonizing the Americas, parts of Africa and the Philippines, and messing with the Holy Roman Empire, as good ol' Philip II did. Relatively easy achievement. Completion rate: 1.0% of all players.

A Sun God (Form Inca, embrace all institutions and own all of South America)

Historical context: This achievment is quite hard, as you will have to face the far superior European colonizers. At some points, I was at war with Spain, the United Kingdom, France and Portugal, alongside their respective colonial dominions. Completion rate: 1.4% of all players.

Mare Nostrum (Restore the Roman Empire and own the entire Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts)

Historical context: EU4 campaigns begin in the year 1444. The Roman Empire fell almost a thousand years ago. This one is a hard achievement, as you will have to fight against all major nations, such as the Ottoman Empire, France, Russia and Austria. I completed this achievement as Aragon, as I was going for the Consulate of the Seas. Completion rate: 2.7% of all players.

The Re-Reconquista (As Granada, form Andalusia and reconquer all of Iberia)

Historical context: Granada is the last Muslim nation remaining in the Iberian Peninsula. It is the direct successor of the incredibly powerful Abassid and Umayyad caliphates, which had nearly conquered all of Iberia a couple centuries earlier. The Kingdom of Asturias (nowadays the seat of the heir apparent to the Spanish throne), stood as the last frontier of the Catholic world in Iberia, and, slowly but steady, emarqued on "The Reconquista", which came to an end when the Catholic Kings' (Elizabeth I and Ferdinand V) armies entered the city of Granada. The objective of this achievement is to push back the far superior Castillian, Aragonese and Portuguese armies and re-reconquer the peninsula. Very hard achievement. Completion rate: 1.4% of all players.

Academical (As Athens, own 50 universities)

Historical context: The Duchy of Athens starts, in 1444, as a vassal to the nearly fallen Bizantine Empire. The difficulty of this achievement relies on the fact that you can only build one university per county/province owned, and you start with only 1. After some tedious first decades, I managed to break free of Bizantium, escape the Ottoman Empire's madness, colonize the new world and build the universities there. Completion rate: 0.6% of all players

Basileus (As Byzantium, restore the Roman Empire)

Historical context: Related to the last one. This achievement is very, very hard, due to the fact that you must reconquer the territory lost against the Ottoman Empire, by far the most powerful and dangerous nation in 1444. Historically, the Bizantine Empire's capital, Constantinople, fell to the Ottomans in 1453, marking the end of the Eastern Roman Empire and the Middle Ages. Completion rate: 3.4% of all players.

Surfing USA (Form the USA as Hawaii)

Historical context: Hawaii's islands were populated by diferent tribes. One of them were the Hawai'i. After uniting the islands under one banner, I had to wait for a very, very long time until I could reach North America's west coast. From there, I hurried up to form the United States before the Europeans became too powerful. Completion rate: 0.3% of all players.

Sons of Carthage (As Tunisia, own Sicily, Sardinia, the Balearic Islands, the coast of Algiers and southern Spain)

Historical context: The nation of Tunisia was indirectly born from the ashes of Carthage, the famous enemy of Rome. If you decide to embark on this achievement, you'll have to battle very powerful states, such as Spain, France and even the Pope. Completion rate: 1.2% of all players.

Consulate of the Sea (As Aragon, conquer all Mediterranean centres of trade)

Historical context: The Kingdom of Aragon, archnemesis of the Kingdom of Castile, had a great standing as a merchant nation. If we were talking abobut Game of Thrones, it would be Lannister territory. This achievement offers you claims all over the Mediterranean sea, and helps you a lot if you also want to complete Mare Nostrum. That's what I did. Compeltion rate: 1.4% of all players

AEIOU (Complete the Austrian mission tree)

Austriae est imperare orbi universo (A.E.I.O.U), was the Habsburg's motto. It basically means 'Austria will rule the world'. Even though real-life Austria didn't manage that, I did. It's a quite easy

Barbarossa (As a Maghrebi nation, have 500 light ships privateering at the same time)

Historical context: My current wallpaper is a sketch of two ships engaged in battle. It's a drawing of the Second Barbary War from 1815, fought between the United States and the Deylik of Algiers. The Maghrebi (later Barbary) pirates were feared all along the southern coasts of Castile, Aragon, France, and the Italian nations. Quite easy but funny achievement, accomplished along Sons of Carthage. Completion rate: 1.1% of all players

Spaghetti Western (Form Mexico or Texas as Bologna)

Historical context: Bologna was a very small, land-locked Italian state. The achievement is very difficult because, first of all, you are surrounded by lots of more powerful states that want your land. If you manage to survive the onslaught, you'll still need to quickly reach Central America before Spain or Portugal conquer it. Very funny achievement. Completion rate: 0.4% of all players.

Zombie Chopper (Half Life 2, irrelevant)


Nationstates is, with fears of being redundant, a nation-simulation game. Very simple, but very fun to play from time to time. My three nations are the following:

  • The Liberated Land of the Peoples Free Democractic Democracy. (Note the typo)
  • The United Socialist States of the Hoodian Faith.
  • The Free Land of José Luis Espert.

The Liberated Land of the Peoples Free Democractic Democracy

Branded as a psycothic dictatorship, the Peoples Free Democractic Democracy is an extremely corrupt, economically strong nation with its civil and political freedoms outright outlawed. More than 6 billion people live in this Macedonia-sized nation, whose capital city, leader, faith, national animal and currency are all named "The People", and the inhabitant's demonym is "peoples". It is a member of the RuneScape Bits and Bytes region, alongside The Zarosian Empire of Vindictan Forces, owned by Xenon and The Utopia of Microsoftsia, owned by Shane, among others.

It is a very harsh country to live in, as you can see from its public policies:

  • The Constitution has only one article, which categorizes the country as an Autocracy.
  • The Dictator's Handbook has four articles, written by The People itself:
    • Socialism
    • State Press
    • No Dissent
    • Pledge of Alliance
  • The society has accepted the following unwritten laws:
    • Divorce is illegal
    • Homosexuality is illegal
    • Adultery is illegal
    • Contraception is illegal
    • Biological reproduction is illegal
    • Piercings are illegal
    • Clothing is illegal
    • Sports are illegal
    • Religion is illegal (Excepting for The People)
    • Keeping your organs when you die is illegal
    • Sports are illegal
    • Tobacco is illegal
    • Zoos are illegal
    • Computers are illegal
    • The internet is illegal
    • Drugs are illegal
    • Automobiles are illegal
    • Alcohol is illegal
    • Gambling is illegal
    • Video Games are illegal
    • Justice is illegal
    • Prisons are illegal
  • The People requires its citizens to:
    • Acquire a license to have children
    • Serve in the army for 10 years
    • Own a fire-arm
    • Submit their DNA to the state
    • Own a slave
    • Employ children
  • Failure to comply leads to:
    • Torture
    • Capital Punishment
  • As an international example, the nation:
    • Runs a nuclear programme
    • Runs a space programme
    • Owns Weapons of Mass Destruction
    • Forbids foreigners to enter the country
    • Forbids nationals to leave the country

The country is also amongst the 1% of the world's nations in the categories of Most Conservative, Most Advanced Defense Forces, Weapons Manufacturing, Most Advanced Law Enforcement and Most Ignorant Citizens.

Read more [here https://www.nationstates.net/nation=the_peoples_free_democractic_democracy]

Real Life Meetups

I've had the pleasure of meeting a large number of clannies when I travelled to London for the 2018 edition of RuneFest. Not everyone I met is in this gallery, but they are not forgotten.

Some trivia facts

Choto maintains a love-hate relationship with Kexy, Tosols and Nordic, his meme mother and sons, respectively.

He is also the first ever member of the Factionless in the Clan Quest - After Dark server.

Choto is, as of June 16, 2021, after Lizbeth, MsKonnan 10, Miss Alaska, Wolfie, Draziw, Cireon, and Sinistral, the clanmember with more posts in the Offsite, with 3140+ posts. However, he joined in mid-2015, with the rest joining between 2010 and 2012, statistically making him the most avid Offsite stalker ever. The top 10 posters also make up aorund 10% of all posts. (Don't quote me on that, I can barely math properly). THIS HEDIOUS MATH HAS BEEN DISPROVED BY NONE OTHER THAN THE MATHBOIS (Derp and Shiro)

He currently has the 1st longest userpage in this Wiki, having taken the spot from Shane. How long that will last though, we shall see.

One of his proudest achievements is having completed Cook's Assistant. Not once, or twice, but 12 times, on different accounts and different times, with regular, ironmen, oldschool, group ironmen and classic accounts.

Choto is the only member with five warnings in the offsite, and is followed by Sira and Shane, who both have one each. All of those warnings were issued by Lord Earth because he wants Choto to be a better person and Lord Earth shows his love for Choto by encouraging him with tough love to improve himself.

Choto appeared in one episode of RuneScapeBits&Bytes.

Every time Monsieur Ognion makes a wiki edit, he knows Choto is breathing down his neck.

After predicting, against all odds, Teimour Radjabov's win vs Ding Liren during the Candidates Tournament of 2022, he is known as "The Seer" in the Chess Guild.

On December 2, 2017, exactly 10 years after creating the account, he maxed all skills in RuneScape, something he thought would never happen. He continued proving how noob he was when he tried to max Firemaking, his only remaining skill, by lighting a log. But...it wasn't enough! As such, the whole party went on a woodcutting parade. Right after maxing, some penguins kidnapped him (not really), and spawned in Falador's Party Room, where much bronze was subsequently dropped.

Less than one year later, Master Quest Cape arrived, one of the most craved but disgunstingly long achievement a Quester can hope for. His last task involved killing King Black Dragon for a rare drop. It wasn't until 2000+ killcount, and with the help of an absurdely high number of clannies that Choto succeeded. He even got the cape before Xenon Ray!

So...What's up nowadays?


Real life: After finally arriving in Europe on the 28th of December 2022, and after a hectic search for work, I ended up in the Netherlands. I'm working in a place called Storm, in the island of Terschelling. I am now the Frisian representative of Clan Quest!

RuneScape: Played a bit to complete the newest quests. They are shit. Potetoskep is nicer but I just can't focus on grinding skills again.

Chess: I have gotten better. Managed to beat Derp 2-1 during the Kicking Choto over the Belgian border meetup!

Shiro says hoods.

About Bronze and why it is the best metal ever

Have you ever sen bronze? Well, that's the reason. Now go away.

If you reached this far, that means you love me. I knew it, I'm irresistible.


Oh well.