Skillers of the Month:

1. I Farm On Rs: 16,159,528 XP
2. IRDifferent: 15,725,768 XP
3. Doobz007: 11,844,292 XP

Congratulations for our top-3! Our very own IRDifferent has promised to give out a bond to the 1st-place player every month starting next Questaholic, so better up those gains! Discussions are still underway for the second- and third-place rewards.

In total, Clan Quest gained 89,256,329 XP this month! Way to go!

Clan's Monthly Achievements

Activity Value Score Notes
MagazineMax.png Maxing - None Nobody maxed; you can help by expanding this
Quest cape - None Nobody earned a quest cape; you can help by expanding this
Ironman of the Month Rake Herbs 163 Rake Herbs obtained 163 levels, fantastic for an UIM!
Skill of the Month Magic 16,474,041 The skill that gained the most XP this month

Be sure to PM me if I forgot to add you, or if you have suggestions for future content for this article!

And last, but certainly not least; congratulations, everyone!

Article by Diapolo10