Clan Quest
Joined Clan July 29, 2016
Gaming Info

Personal Info
Name Daniel
Age 15
Sex Male
Occupation Student
Location New Zealand

1234werecool is a seasoned member of Clan Quest who has been part of the clan community since mid-2016.

Due to the tedious nature of writing out a full 12 characters, 1234werecool’s name is usually shortened to Were, Werecool, 1234 and other similar abbreviations. In spite of even himself somewhat disliking the strange nature of his name, the name and derived nicknames have grown on him and he is unlikely to change it in the foreseeable future.

History with Clan Quest

Joining Clan Quest

1234werecool was first introduced to the clan when he met Pacrat4. After some discussion, the topic of questing came up and ultimately Pac suggested that he join Clan Quest. This was an interesting and potentially frightening notion for 1234werecool since he had never really utilised the social aspects of Runescape. He proceeded to sit on this idea for almost a full week before making further inquiries into joining. On July 29th 2016, 1234werecool was invited to and subsequently joined Clan Quest.

Early Days

Once in the clan, 1234werecool managed to ply friendship out of a few clan members, most of whom he remains close with today, including Choto, Santa and Wolffi.

(Insert more nostalgia here)

IRL Meetups

In December 2017, 1234werecool finally succeeding in arranging and executing a real life meeting with a clan member, Santa. This took place in Singapore since the former was holidaying there at the time. During this meetup he received surströmming from Santa, who had himself received it from Tyco at Runefest. 1234werecool has intention to meet other clannies if and when opportunity presents itself, if only to pass on the tin of pungent fish, that horrifying gateway to Hades, death made alive, surströmming.

RuneScape Life

History with RS

The account under the name 1234werecool is the oldest one owned by its namesake, created in 20(I don’t remeber). This was when 1234werecool first started playing RuneScape, having been intrigued by a classmate’s portrayal of the game. After creating an account he played RuneScape on and off, though mostly to an insubstantial end. In late 2015, however, he started playing much more frequently and with the intent of gaining membership via bonds to finally experience the entire RuneScape world.

During 2016, 1234werecool managed to purchase bonds semi-regularly and has been member continuously since the latter half of 2016. The sparse time spent as a member during the first half of the year was largely sprnt exploring and questing, solidifying his love for questing which would eventually land him with Clan Quest. With much moral support from the clan, he achieved a Quest Point Cape as his first Cape of Accomplishment on New Year’s Day.

His time spent questing leading up to the QPC also spurred him to start a safekeep on the forums, “The Exploits and Endeavours of 1234werecool”, which can be found here: [1]

During 2017, among other things, 1234werecool began pursuing bossing and PvM, making attempts to defeat Araxxi and, later in the year, Telos. The former took a notorious 5 months of deaths to achieve, while the latter took only about 2 weeks of attempts. For some reason he still deemed this a valid pursuit and looked torwards ways to make money from PvM, leading to his learning of Vindicta and later of efficiently killing Araxxi. This year saw great neglect for skilling and general non-combat activities, including occasionally questing.

Hobbies and Prized Achievements

Probably the most notable activity engaged in by 1234werecool is bossing which he has been partaking in for almost two years. His most prized achievements from this field include the Warden title and 300% Araxxi. In the mid-term, he intends on expanding into group bosses and higher Telos enrages/longer streaks.

Worryingly, 1234werecool’s favourite skill is Agility. As such it was his first 99, even going so far as to stall 99 Herblore for several weeks to ensure this. Despite protest from his sanity and the practical parts of his brain, he has expressed interest in attaining 120 or 200m xp in Agility in future. Godspeed, sir.