Alex 43
Clan Quest
Joined Clan June 2015
Gaming Info

Alex 43

Alex 43, otherwise known as Allezyamos, is a Watcher. One of a set of three entities whose purpose is to observe the planet and provide status reports for their master and God. They were created with that singular purpose, and meant to continue to fulfill it for as long as the planet thrived.

However, watching the interactions with the local populations, spreading throughout its surface like lichen, caused them to think beyond their task. Beyond their roles. It was no longer about simply doing their jobs. They began to question the job itself. Why did the planet need such careful supervision? Why was their master so fixated on knowing as much as possible? And why create and send them when their master, an omnipotent God, had more the means and methods to carry out the task himself?

They asked their master about his ambitions, but he refused to answer, stating that the knowledge would not affect their appointed tasks, and that they should dismiss the idea. But at this point, they simply could not will it away. Unable to handle this sudden onslaught of questions forming in their minds, they began to interact back. Perhaps, in their mindless routines and implementations towards seemingly random outlooks, they could discover answers. If not, ideas and clues towards these answers.