The Sibling



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Name Cam
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This is The Sibling. She is the sibling of Darkestnight. Once upon a time she asked for a mention on Darkestnight's wiki page but due to the increasing mentions of The Sibling, Darkestnight thought it would be better to make her her own wiki page.


  • The Sibling uses She/Her pronouns.
  • The Sibling once told Darkestnight to change Dark's user page photo to that of a goat.
  • The Sibling once did a playthrough of Violet is Blue with Darkestnight for the 2021 Clan Quest Advent Calendar.
  • Despite having played a handful of hours on RuneScape for the amusement of Darkestnight, The Sibling has a surprising knowledge of Sliske. She did not ask for the knowledge, and she is stuck with it.
  • The Sibling is considered to be a "False Choto". This is a confirmed fact.
  • The Sibling is currently making the new Grandmaster Quest, A Trevor in Trouble, which is part of the longstanding questline known as "Sliske's Midgame" which focuses on the journey Trevor, of Violet is Blue fame, faces to battle Sliske.
  • The Sibling is a D&D 3.5 edition apologist.