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Clan Quest's Monthly Digest was the official replacement of the Clan's magazine. When the Questaholic ceased its operation in November 2020, the question of how to approach clan-made content and what to do with the inactive Content Editors arised. It was then decided by the Clan Council that a new platform, the Monthly Digest, would absorb the void left by the magazine, and a new group, the Content Coordinators, led by Clan Councilor Cireon, would replace the Editors.


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The Clan's Magazine, Questaholic, used to be the main platform for clan members to share their interests, to write reviews for the games, books, movies they liked, to learn more about the life of others, and even to brag about your recent achievements. It is considered one of Clan Quest's biggest and most durable institutions, in all of its three iterations: January 2012 - December 2014, August 2015 - October 2019 and May 2020 - October 2020. When it was clear the Magazine wouldn't return any time soon, it was replaced four months later by the Monthly Digest.

First published on February 1, 2021, the digest would be consistently released throughout the year. It was put on hold for December 2021, to avoid conflict with the Advent Calendar 2021, but was ultimately discontinued due to the effort involved in compiling. The final digest was published on November 3, 2021.

Share Your Creations

Along with the creation of the Digest and the Content Coordinators group, a brand new #share-your-creations channel was added to the Discord server. It was devised as a place where any member is encouraged to share whatever they've made. Whether it's artwork, fan-fiction, a YouTube video, an essay, a nice recipe, or a live stream, the channel serves to feed the Digests.

Content Coordinators

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The Digest is currently managed by the Content Coordinators group. If you have any questions about their operations and/or are willing to volunteer for the group, make sure to contact Cireon. The group's members are listed below.

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