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Joined Clan December 8, 2012
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Santa Ends
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Santa Ends
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Name Nic
Age Current year - 1994
Sex Male
Occupation Logistics Data Analyst
Location Singapore
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Hi, my name is Nic but you can call me Santa. I used to hold the appointment of OSRS honour/guild councillor, RS3 guild councillor and a member of the content editors, but dropped them all due to work.

My main game is OSRS. Over the years, I have comped and mqced on RS3 but has lost interest due to the heavy amount of content to keep up with and the steep learning curve. OSRS provides me a place to grind for hours on end without a punishing learning curve. I plan to get max cape on OSRS eventually, and hope to get it by milestones of 10s. Currently I am working on getting 80 base stats.

As you probably can tell, I like skilling more than questing (blasphemy!), pvm (understandable) and pvp (that's why we are here right and not in WG).

My time in CQ, ever since I joined in 2012, I've always felt like an outsider looking in. I never understood how a bunch of people can enjoy game lore and easter eggs when all I want to do is run agility laps for hours.

However I stayed for the community, I have forged deep friendships and the non-elitist, non-judgemental, inclusive environment. CQ has been one of, if not the most consistent friend groups in my life.

Over the years I have met a few clannies in real life. Xenon in 2016, a ton of people in RuneFest 2017, Werecool in 2017.


Before Clan Quest

After taking a 2 year break to complete my A levels, I returned to the game and found that a lot of my old friends and clan were no longer around. There was the option of re-joining another Singapore based clan but I soon realised that I didn't fit in there and sought another community. While searching the RSOF, I chanced upon the questing clan T5 thread and was intrigued by the succinct writing, structured rules and clear hierarchy. I guested and soon found the friendly atmosphere very attractive.

Joining Clan Quest

Back then you needed 3 sponsors to join the clan and I got mine from Meru, Seb and Ytse. A year and half later on March 6, 2014 I was nominated by Gardenchick to be a low council and thus accepted. This was the first time since 2005 I was part of guild leadership. Learnt a lot both from the job and my peers.

Retired towards the end of 2018, as I was starting my first job after college and wanted to focus. Looking back I had this recurring pattern of dropping commitments to focus. This was something I learnt about myself from college days which limited my clan commitments - I can only do 2 things well at any time. Add the third (usually clan stuff) and something will give way.


Went to RuneFest in 2017 to meet clannies and it was the best trip ever. Hope to be back one day.


Choto is the best and I hope to meet him irl one day as well.

Real Life


I did my undergrad in Economics at National University of Singapore. Thereafter, I got a job in a freight forwarder and completed my IATA Air Cargo Diploma in the first 2 years. After that, I did my graduate certificate in Computing, and got into the Master in Computing program at National University of Singapore. Currently on my last semester and hope to do well.


I currently work in a US logistics and freight forwarding company - Expeditors International as a data analyst. Working towards the goal of becoming the best solutions engineer/data scientist in the industry.

To achieve my goals I need to study a lot beyond what my current job can teach me, thus I try not to play RS but I still hang out on Discord.


My Social Media Links

Youtube | Github | Linkedin | Twitter | SantaEnds on Discord