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Detailed Quest & Story Guides - Cook's Assistant

Starting the quest

You can begin this quest by talking to the cook on the ground floor of Lumbridge Castle. Depending on your conversational choices, you may learn of the cook's four children, his goat, his wife and her susceptibility to seasickness, his own irrational fear of eyepatches, his standard-issue cook's uniform, the battle of Lumbridge, or how Duke Horacio doesn't allow holidays for the core staff such as the cook. After some dialogue, the cook will tell you that he is missing ingredients for the Duke's birthday cake, something his assistant was supposed to take care of. He doesn't know where you might find these ingredients but entrusts the task of their retrieval unto you for he doesn't have the time from his other work to find the ingredients, he will also outline the area where you should focus your search, and some of the animals around Lumbridge to give you hints on where to find each of the required foodstuffs (you can open the world map to see this information.) He tells you that he will not accept any ingredients shy of perfection, and sends you on your way to retrieve top-quality milk, extra fine flour and a super large egg.

Gathering the ingredients

Once you've bravely accepted the burden of locating and retrieving all of these ingredients for one the greatest culinary minds in Gielinor, you will need to embark on your journey to do just that. Make your way over the River Lum by crossing the bridge just east of the castle's main gate, follow the road north and you will soon find a cow pen on the east side of the road. Inside the cow pen, you should talk to Gillie Groats about retrieving some top-quality milk. Depending on your conversational choices, you may learn that the farm nearby and the cow pen both belong to her father Seth Groats, how honoured she is that you would pick their cows for the Duke's cake, or how to milk a cow for the first time. Regardless of your dialogue path, she will give you a bucket if you are missing one, and direct you to her prized dairy cow on the east side of the cow pen. Simply click on the cow to milk it, and voilà, your bucket is filled with the most top quality of milk! The cook would be proud to have an assistant such as yourself.

Now that one of the three ingredients is down, you should head to one of the chicken farms nearby, either just west of the cow pen to the Groats farm, or back over the River Lum to Fred the Farmer's chicken pen. Simply locate the egg on one of the farms and pick it up from the ground, simple, right? No catch, I swear!

Two down, one pot of extra fine flour to go - find your way all the way west of Fred's farm to find the mill. Inside, talk to Millie Miller; depending on your conversational choices you will learn that the Mill Lane Mill has belonged to the Miller family for generations, the millers full name, how to mill flour, or what to do with flour you have milled. Once you've told Millie that you're after extra fine flour, she will tell you to use the mill and that she will align the millstones to produce that extra fine goodness. After the conversation, go outside the mill and pick one bunch of wheat from that field southwest of the building by using your sturdy cursor to rip it from the ground like a boss. Right click the ladder inside the miller building and climb all the way up to the top floor. Use the wheat from your inventory on the hopper just east of you as you come up, then operate the hopper controls just south of it to send the wheat plunging down towards the millstones. Use the ladder to climb all the way back down to the ground floor of the mill, and pick up an empty pot from the table just north of you, then use that to store the flour from the flour-bin in the middle of the room. You now have all the ingredients to create a royal cake for the Duke's birthday, and it is time to head back to the cook in Lumbridge Castle.

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Finishing up, the Duke's party

With all ingredients in hand and at least one free inventory space, you should find the cook in the kitchen and talk to him once more to hand them over. He will simply ask for them, hand them all to him and he will burst in joy as the Duke's birthday party, and by extension his job as the cook, are saved! You are sadly not allowed to join the party as your as just not important enough to join such a high-end, royal dinner table with all the cream of Misthalin present. Perhaps one day you will find yourself at that table, one day.. maybe. Congratulations, Quest complete!

Post-quest rewards, thoughts and notes

Upon completion of the quest you will also automatically complete the achievement "Cook's Delights" for 5 RuneScore, which is also a requirement for the Master Quest Cape. You may also talk to the cook after the quest and ask him to use your range, he will then provide you with the "Cook-o-matic manual" which lists all 24 foods which have a reduced burn rate on the Cook-o-matic 25, the cooking range in the Lumbridge Castle kitchen. You will also receive 2 treasure hunter keys which will give you rewards depending on the promotion present at the time.

  • You now know that Duke Horacio is the leader of Lumbridge and lives in the Lumbridge Castle.
  • You now know that Duke Horacio's birthday is celebrated with a feast.
  • You now know that important people are invited to this feast.

Detailed Quest & Story Guides - The Blood Pact

Starting the quest

You can start the quest by talking to Xenia on the Lumbridge graveyard, just south of the church. Before accepting the quest, you may inquire her further about where you're headed, who was kidnapped and how both the kidnappers and the town of Lumbridge are aligned in faith. Whether you have met all other requirements to the Helmet of Trials will also affect whether Xenia recognizes you, but does not affect any of the quest's content. In insane faith of your combat expertise (even if all your levels are 1) she will confidently tell you that you can have all the weapons from the cultists once you've defeated them. Once you've accepted the quest, you can enter the catacombs just east of Xenia, and she will follow you inside.

Dealing with the cultists

As soon as you enter the catacombs, a short cutscene with dialogue will start to play - in the cutscene you will witness all three cultists moving deeper into the catacombs with Ilona, the kidnapped wizard, tied up. The first cultist, Kayle, will be seen having second thoughts about the plan and will be told to stay behind to guard the first room as the other two proceed further. You may talk to Xenia before engaging in combat to ask about the blood pact and she will explain to you that it is not actual magic, but rather a way of swearing loyalty to one's leader or each other.

As you enter the first room of the catacombs, towards Kayle, he will fire an arrow right past you and wound Xenia. You two quickly retreat as he holds steady in his position, unaware of his impending doom. You may talk to Xenia again to learn more about the combat triangle and to ask if she's going to be fine. If you do not have a melee weapon with you, Xenia will give you a bronze sword. After this, you should engage Kayle once more with a melee weapon (or your fists if you like punching.) After defeating him fairly easily you may ask him questions about who the cultists are and what they are looking for, after which you may choose to kill him or spare him, and let's be fair, a good Zamorakian will always recognize failure and end a man when he has proven himself inadequate. After either option, you will find Kayle's chargebow on the ground, pick it up, equip it and talk to Xenia to learn more about the combat triangle, then head over to the next room and confront Caitlin.

After a short combat session against Caitlin, you will be instructed to operate the winch to open the gate and reach her (if you examine the winch it will tell you that it is used to raise the gate, despite it actually lowering the spears blocking the doorway, funny huh?) You must now talk to Caitlin to proceed - you may ask her questions and she will tell you more about the other cultists, and how they are in the tombs because for the remains of a powerful necromancer, Dragith Nurn. You may choose to spare her or finish her, and you will be left with her staff to confront the remaining cultist. Pick it up, equip it, remember to select a spell to cast, and then talk to Xenia to learn more about the combat triangle once more. You are now ready for the final encounter down the stairs next of you.

As you enter the last area, you will trigger another cutscene where Reese is expecting the other two cultists to come to him so he can start the ritual. Depending on whether you killed the cultists or spared them, you will receive some different dialogue paths with Reese, but they all result in him attacking you after for one reason or another. After defeating him with relative ease, you will be given the final chance to ask questions from him to find out the remainder of their plan. You will learn that he was trying to resurrect an army of the undead to claim Lumbdrige for Zamorakian forces, and throw out Saradomin's control over the city. After you are finished questioning him or ignored all of that opportunity altogether, you may choose to spare him (in which case he will drink a poisonous liquid to kill himself) or brutally end his life and finish the blood pact by your own volition. In either case, you will see a short cutscene as Dragith Nurn's coffin activates on the bottom floor of the catacombs. If you'd like, you can approach the next set of stairs nearby with sounds turned on, and you will hear as the undead start scurrying in the rooms below. You can now untie Ilona whenever you are ready to leave, and you will escort her back to surface directly after. Xenia has no more dialogue to offer inside the catacombs.




Finishing up, Xenia's test

Once you've untied Ilona, you, her and Xenia will appear on the Lumbridge graveyard together. You may talk to Xenia to find out she was only slightly wounded and perfectly capable of handling the situation herself if need be, but was testing to see your adventurous merit by taking advantage of your gullible mind. She will offer you food if you are wounded after the encounters and will offer you each of the cultists' weapons if you decided to leave any or all of them behind earlier. You will now finish the quest by asking for the rewards, and you will be granted your oh so satisfactory quest point.