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Shiro Shana
November, 2017
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Name Marciano
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Location Beesel, The Netherlands
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Shiro Shana (also known as Shiro_Shana), Clan Quest's own pyromaniac, is a member of the Runescape Guild and the Chess Guild. He's currently a member of the RS-Guild Council, and a former member of the Honor Council. He joined Clan Quest on November 23rd 2017.

In Clan Quest he is known for his fiery passion for Firemaking, his endless rivalry with Derparnieux and his lack of ICT-Skills. Hence why he couldn't create his own wiki without help. This also didn't age well since half of his bachelor program consists of computer science courses.

Shiro's origin

The origin - account

Shiro began his journey in Gielinor around 2005/2006. Proud with his full rune he got walked the planet as if no one could touch him. This was something he believed until he got pked by a clan of mages. He spent most of his days as a free to play character until 2009, where he became members for the first time. After a marathon of quests he fell in love with Castle Wars, an activity he kept doing over the years leaving him with 366 Castle Wars tickets.

In 2011 Shiro Shana had to take a break from Runescape as real life issues required more attention. Upon returning he remained free to play and decided it was time to achieve the best goal in all of the game: 99 Firemaking. In free to play he burned lines of maple logs for almost a month until he finally was able to call himself a master pyromaniac. Right after achieving this he returned to the world of members to buy the pretty cape so he could brag about his achievement. Many other 99s followed after and finally Max cape was achieved in 2016.

The origin - name

Shiro Shana, two names combined into one. As expected these names originate from Anime. Something Shiro enjoys watching. However, they are not just pretty names. They are important to him. Starting with Shana. Shana originates from the Anime "Shakugan no Shana". The very first Anime Shiro's ever seen. When Shiro was dealing with the real life issues in 2011 he randomly clicked on this anime, because he felt like wasting time. He fell in love with the series and with the character "Shana". Shana reminded him of someone he'd lost. Thus as tribute to her, he always carries the name with him.

Naming the character "Shana" was not possible as the name was unavailable. Thus a second part was required. He tried combining names over and over again, but was never satisfied. Until one day he watched the anime "Log Horizon" with a character called Shiro(e). The combination with Shana sounded perfect to him and the name stuck around. Thus from that point on his name will always remain Shiro Shana.


Before Clan Quest Shiro didn't do much that others didn't do either. He did a lot of questing, Firemaking and Castle Wars. In 2010 he attended Runescape's first "e-sports" tournament: The fight knight tournament. For the Dutch team he fought three rounds and ended up winning the entire tournament. Although he admits that it was mostly because they had an amazing commander and he just followed orders. In October 2013 he became a Player Moderator. His favorite part of being a Player Moderator is that Derparnieux can't hide his messages by turning off public.

In 2015 he became leader of the clan "Spud Alliance" as the original owner left due to real life struggles. This clan offered him his first home in a clan. Together with his co-leaders he kept the clan alive for two more years, until all of its leadership became too busy. Thus he said goodbye to the clan . Not everything was dark and bleak though. In this year he also met someone at the University of Eindhoven. Instead of working on his homework assignment Derp was afking King Black Dragon for title until he and Shiro got kicked out for playing games. Derp introduced Shiro to Clan Quest and after a long month of guesting he finally decided to join.

Clan Quest

November 23rd 2017 Shiro officially joined Clan Quest and immediately made sure he recovered his lost Quest Cape. After that began a much grander quest: True mastery of Firemaking. With the support of Clan Quest he achieved 120 Firemaking and with that the self-proclaimed title of head of the Firemaking Cult. The Firemaking Cult still operates in secret and is not official in Clan Quest (yet), but who knows what the future may bring. A famous quote Shiro can relate to says: "A day, a year, a millennium—it matters not. I hold the patience of stone and the will of stars. " ~ Emperor Vitiate. At some point the Firemaking Cult will be official so he can worship Hestia, goddess of fire in public.

In 2018 Shiro became head of Combat Marshals together with Archrys and Karen Angel. The Marshals would help clannies to get into PVM or simply get the Reaper title for Comp cape. As Archrys focused on Raids, Shiro focused more on teaching RotS. With the release of Elite Dungeons Archrys and Shiro both took countless clanmembers into these dungeons. After the release of Elite Dungeons 3: Shadow Reef, Shiro's team consisting of Cabege, Derpaltnieux and Shiro Shana, were the first of Clan Quest to manage a group mode kill. Not long after Pop O got Clan Quest's first solo kill. Some time later Archrys wrote accurate guides on how to prepare and deal with all of the Elite Dungeons. These guides are still on the offsite for everyone to use.

At Runefest 2018, Shiro Shana's first Runefest, he got promoted into the Guild Council along his fellow Dutch Overlord Derparnieux. This was a huge step for the Dutchies to take over all of Clan Quest as the number of Dutchies in the Guild Council got doubled. January 2019 Wolffi became the new head of Honor Council and asked Shiro as fellow Councillor. With Cabege along side those two they formed the Honor Council. Eventually Wolffi and the entire Honor Council resigned and a new Council was formed.

"Somebody's smile is the most beautiful thing in the world" ~ Shiro Shana