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March 2019
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Clan Quest
Joined Clan April 22nd, 2017
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GIM Defend
Personal Info
Name Jonathan
Age 31
Sex Male
Occupation I supply most of the USA with Rivet Nuts for all their fastening desires.
Location Wisconsin, USA
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iiDefend, or simply Defend, was a member of Clan Quest having joined in April of 2017. He served as Head of Guild Council for Old School Clan Quest before resigning in totality after three months for personal reasons. His primary inspiration was the many deeds of the past and current contributors to the Questing Clan of Runescape. He wished to pay back the favor in hope to inspire future contributors to Clan Quest.

The Name

Predating Clan Quest he was the player character known as "Hamchuckles", based on a family given nickname. The username stuck with him until 2011 when he achieved his first level 99 skill, Defence. "iiDefend" originated from this triumph along with his desire to be edgy amongst the online community. Years later, the name still sticks and is used for most games as his username. In December of 2018 his name changed to Maxed Cheese for a month to celebrate his eventual maxing of the RuneScape player character.

RuneScape History

He started playing RuneScape in December of 2004 whilst he was in an 8th grade computer class. He played sporadically, having a family computer dedicated to schoolwork with supervised sessions making it near impossible to play during the school weeks. Being the trouble maker most 8th graders were in his school, he and his friends managed to find various ways around the school imposed restrictions. With this knowledge and the connections his school grades were never the same. Still having to commit to his studies iiDefend wouldn't achieve his first level 99 skill until 2011, nearly 2 years after graduating high school. The thrill of the game would wane when his real life friends started leaving for bigger and better things.

Six years had passed with minimal effort to return by iiDefend. Double Experience weekends would be the only reason he'd return for a limited time. Otherwise most time spent in-game was used to bank stand and listen to other players talk. One day Defend was resting by the Grand Exchange musician over heard a player named Tyco Elf talking about a group of Questers and Adventurers. Pretending to not be instantly infatuated by the thought of a group of players who shared the same enjoyments, Defend added Tyco Elf to his friends list and visited him the very next day in-game expressing his interest in the group. He spent the next month guesting, listening, and watching in Clan Quest. When the moment came, he asked none other than the Elf himself to sponsor him into official clan membership. iiDefend had returned.

Motivation restored, he found mentors, friends, and companions all willing to share their unique game experiences with him. Feeding off of their energy enabled Defend to blast through his remaining 24 skills claiming the Max Cape on December of 2018. Feeling exhausted from completing the huge milestone he decided to change up his game and joined the Old School Clan Quest in January of the next year.

Old School RuneScape History

iiDefend was starting all over. There was much to do and many new things to learn. He was in the clan for about a month when both Heads of Honor and Guild resigned amidst conflict. On Choto 3000's way out Defend was successfully nominated into the Guild Council to replace the vacancy. Shortly after this he stepped into the role of Head of Guild Council to keep the clan from falling apart. iiDefend served for three months, primarily overseeing the recruitment of new members to the OS Clan Quest. In April of 2019 he resigned.

Where Are They Now

Catch me in the OSRS clan chat "Clan Quest". I'm there fairly often on my Group Iron Man