Recruitment Methodology

Recruitment is currently active and spearheaded by the RS3 Guild Council.

RS3 recruitment aims to look for members in the Looking for a Clan (LFAC) amongst other places. The recruitment thread is avenue one to recruitment. The second one is guesting in our chat and in particular our friends and family. If you have friends or family who would make a good addition to Clan Quest, have them guest in the chat and then start the recruitment process!

After exhausting the easy places of our recruitment threads, our friends and family, we need to turn to people who may not even know that their greatest need is us. We can find these in the Looking for a Clan forum. Many people in here are just posting for a general clan, they aren’t looking for questing clans. You can use your post to sell them on the benefits of a Questing clan.

As you know outside of Quest weeks we’re pretty much a general RuneScape clan. We have people who do high level pvm. We have people who are skillers. We also have people who are chasing comp. Just because someone isn’t looking for a Questing clan doesn’t mean they won’t fit in.

We’ve recruited at least 1,125 people since our founding in November 2009. Recruitment fell sharply starting in 2015 with about 129 people being recruited in 2015, 44 in 2016, 73 in 2017, and 40 in 2018. (Stats from Sira, thank you!) We’re not going to be recruiting anyone and everyone but we’re going to be looking for individuals who will fit in into one of the aspects of our multifaceted community.

This is where our new recruitment initiative begins. We’ll be using our members positive experiences to sell Clan Quest in the Looking for a Clan forum. The only requirement to being able to do this effectively is that you can speak positively about Clan Quest (which you can all do!) The goal is to provide a customized message to the person looking to join. This customized message should make a personal appeal, promote one of the aspects of Clan Quest that they ar elooking for, and be brief.

You can watch a rundown of our recruitment method here:

If you want a full example, watch this:

Prospective Recruits

Prospective recruits are added by the Guild Council recruitment team. Any member is welcome to aid in recruiting by using the above methods. If you have any questions contact Miss Alaska (Head of Guild Council) or Draziw.

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